"Zebra", which will slow down any driver

For the first time land crossings were spiked in 1951 in the UK, before that metal pancakes laid out on asphalt were used for marking. Of course, this method has become obsolete with the appearance of clearly visible white stripes. Very soon, the whole world began to use zebra as a marking of pedestrian zones on the roads. Today, with the advent of modern technologies into the daily life, the strip road we are accustomed to takes on a new color and is equipped with innovative equipment to improve its efficiency.3D - Zebras have increasingly begun to appear on the road in different countries.

In Russia, the first 3D zebras a couple of years ago appeared, for example, in Krasnoyarsk and Kaliningrad - there the stripes look like low thresholds with a smooth ride. Bishkek enthusiasts turned the ground zebra into beams hanging in the air - you want not to slow down, but to stop and go out to examine, rubbing your eyes with surprise.According to K-News, these zebras were painted next to three schools and a city orphanage.

The drawing on the asphalt with the help of optical illusion makes the strips of a pedestrian crossing look quite reliably like three-dimensional bars lying on the road, which should make drivers slow down.

Unusual road marking, made in the technique of 3D graffiti, appeared the other day in Bishkek.

The project is called "Visual Effect", its author is a third-year student of the American University in Central Asia (AUCA) Begimay Sataeva.

Despite the fact that the resolution “On traffic rules of the Kyrgyz Republic” does not include such a road marking sign as 3D zebra, the Department of Road Facilities under the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic approved its installation.

To save pedestrians, the government of India also decided to paint on the asphalt a "zebra" with a 3D effect. Indian drivers often knock people right at the crossing, not paying attention to the markings and road signs. Indian Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari attracted local artists to develop a "zebra" with a 3D effect.

Here are a few videos, you can clearly see:

Let's hope that the accidents with such zebras will be much less. Good luck on the road!

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