Young Mom conquered Instagram photos of their embroideries

Jessica Long seriously embraced the embroidery after she left on the decree. The girl takes pictures of her works and uploads them to social networks. Jessica invented a new way to design embroidery, which is to use hoops of different diameters as the frame. This method allows you to create multi-level three-dimensional work, which can be as a separate decor, and a frame for photos and paintings.

Among the works of Jessica there are ordinary embroidery, but it was the “double hoop” that became her calling card. The girl loves to depict on her embroideries various floral designs that she makes up drawing real plants. The girl is not only finished work, but also the process of creating some compositions.

By enclosing the fabric between hoops of various sizes, Jessica Long creates an unusual composition, of which there can be free space or other decor.

Embroidery satin is great for the image of floral ornaments.

The work begins with the selection of a combination of colors for the future composition.

This work Jessica did during the Christmas holidays. She decided to abandon the usual combination of red and green, and made the work of flowers, which she associated with circus, sweets and unicorns.

Embroidery can be a great holiday gift. A classic hoop can be used as a frame.

Embroidery on the double hoop is convenient to use as a frame for a photo.

The forms of the hoop can be constantly complicated, composing compositions from a variety of works.

The composition, decorated in the flowers of ripe berries.

One of the advantages of the technique is the ability to create a large area in a short period of time.

Jessica likes to embroider three-dimensional flowers smoothly.

One job may be created around another. The result is a multi-level composition.

On the works of Jessica, you can often see cute animals surrounded by floral designs.

Here is the wrong side of work:

Embroidery may contain a motivating slogan or recognition.

Multi-level composition, each part of which is designed in its own style.

The hoop can be hidden under the fabric. It turns out a kind of modular picture.

The second hoop makes the work volume and original.

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Young Mom conquered Instagram photos of their embroideries
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