Words from parents to graduates - beautiful and touching farewells on the last call

All words from parents to graduates of grades 4, 9, and 11 transmitted at the last call celebration necessarily contain congratulations on the end of the school year and inspiring instructions for the future. Children who have moved from elementary school to secondary school, moms and dads, in verse and prose, express their admiration and hope that children in the fifth grade will show perseverance and diligence in their studies.

Words from parents to graduates - beautiful and touching farewells on the last call

For boys and girls who have completed grade 9, adults are given the choice to stay in school or leave and get a useful profession, while simultaneously enrolling in college. It is appropriate to say these words seriously and solemnly, or give a speech in a funny, ridiculous form, lifting everyone's mood and dispelling a slight sadness from parting with classmates.

Touching words for parting words are prepared for 11th graders. Their adults recite on the line or at the graduation party, where smart guys gather at a farewell ball.

Kind words from parents to graduates of primary school

Words from parents to graduates - beautiful and touching farewells on the last call

Beautiful and kind words of farewell from parents to graduates of primary school are inspired by new achievements. Moms and dads congratulate four-graders with the end of the next school year. They are dedicated to good, inspiring words and recommend not to lose their perseverance in the study of science, to believe in themselves and not to be afraid of any obstacles. After all, graduates of elementary school are no longer shy kids who just started their studies. They are not confused with a difficult lesson, a big homework or a request to take part in a talent contest. The guys fulfill all these requirements easily and even no longer ask for help. Although, they are always happy if moms and dads show interest and attention to their school affairs.

Examples of gracious words of honor for primary school graduates from parents

In this section, we have collected the best examples of good parting words for elementary school graduates.Moms and dads can take advantage of these developments and create their own original speech based on them. If time is short, it is appropriate to memorize these parting words by heart, and then recite them with an expression and congratulate the graduates of elementary school on the successful completion of their studies.


Dear children, today you are graduates. And even up to the 11th grade is still far away, but you have already successfully managed to overcome the first important stage of study. Ahead of the fifth class, which means you are waiting for a lot of new items, interesting lessons, exciting activities and fun, sonorous changes. We wish to remain a friendly class, to help each other to overcome any problems and to certainly achieve great success in school.


The fourth grade is already over,

Your graduation today, kids.

We wish you great success,

Let childhood beckons with bright light.


Let everything in school succeed,

Let the success be the reward

Let the laughter fervent and smile

Destroy the path of interference.


I wish you health, new aspirations,

Big and small wins,

We wish you a very beautiful,

Such fun school years.


Dear children, you have passed the initial stage of school life and successfully overcame the first obstacles, made your first discoveries, and achieved your first victories. Today is your little graduation.You have completed the fourth grade, now a more adult life begins, and you have more serious goals. May your further journey be fun and brave, safe and uncomplicated. I wish you true knowledge, strong friendship, diverse interests and excellent study.


With graduation 4th grade!

We are glad to congratulate you.

A new path awaits you in life

He leads to the top of knowledge.


We wish you aspirations,

New glorious adventures,

Only positive ratings

And fun breaks.


Grow, do not be lazy

Learn everything important.

Big luck, bright days,

And cool and loyal friends.


Dear children, behind the first stage of secondary education, you are already graduates of elementary school! Sincerely and congratulations! Now you are waiting for new items, teachers, will have to work harder, try harder. We wish to gather strength, relax, and then go ahead - “nibble the granite of science”! We believe in each of you, you will succeed!

What kind of parting words from parents will be nice to hear graduates of grade 9 on the last call

Words from parents to graduates - beautiful and touching farewells on the last call

Sometimes it is very difficult to determine which parting words from parents will be pleasant to hear for graduates of grade 9 on the last call.This moment is due to the fact that most of the children are left to go to school and further, and some children go to college or to a vocational school.

We decided to help moms and dads with the preparation of proper parting speeches and prepared several versions of successful congratulatory phrases with beautiful phrases and kind words, perfectly suitable for the festive greetings of graduates, ninth-graders.

The texts below contain words of farewell for children leaving school walls, and for children intending to continue their studies. Parents can memorize these examples by heart, and then read them to children at the final prom night.

If there is a desire to show originality, it is necessary to use the suggested words as a template, and on its basis to compose your own exclusive parting speech containing beautiful congratulations and kind, inspiring wishes. Good words will move graduates to tears and inspire them to new achievements. After all, the child always wants to justify the hopes of his relatives and give them cause for pride.

The texts of parting words on the day of the last call for graduates of grade 9 from parents

It is not at all necessary that the texts of parting words on the day of the last call for 9th grade graduates from parents be voluminous. It is sincere enough to say a few phrases from the bottom of my heart, and the guys will feel the love and deep affection of adults.


Dear our graduates! Congratulations with the end of the 9th grade. Many of you will continue to study at our school. And to those who decided to start a new, independent life, we want to easily overcome the obstacles to the goal. Let today be a successful start to your adult life. Good luck to you, our dear students!


Nine years you have been together

All were divided in half,

I got it, though often

Poor teachers!


And now you're older,

Became wise at all,

I wish further

Life would be no problem!


To further you studied,

To further grow you,

To your happiness in life

You certainly found it!


It seems, only yesterday was September 1 and for you the first call in your life called! 9 years passed unnoticed, all the exams behind and today we celebrate your long-awaited graduation! Before you is a difficult choice, continue to learn or start building a career,but regardless of your choice, we want to wish you success in all your endeavors, happiness, courage, determination and sincere deeds!


The ninth grade is over,


You will find a special, interesting way

Today we sincerely wish

With him now, do not roll!

We also wish everyone patience

Fun, joy and live without troubles

And do not lose the mood guys

And they are not afraid of difficulties forever!


Dear our graduates! Congratulations with the end of the 9th grade. Many of you will continue to study at our school. And to those who decided to start a new, independent life, we want to easily overcome the obstacles to the goal. Let today be a successful start to your adult life. Good luck to you, our dear students!

Good congratulations and words of farewell from parents to graduates of grade 11 on the last bell

Words from parents to graduates - beautiful and touching farewells on the last call

The kind words passed by the parents to the 11th grade graduates penetrate deep into the soul and remain in the heart for the rest of their lives. Beautiful, touching tears of congratulations on graduation from school, parting words for a happy future in prose and funny funny wishes in verses inspire children to new achievements and motivate them to persevere in achieving their goals, never lose heart and move confidently along the chosen road.Listening carefully to parents, children feel a surge of strength and a powerful faith in themselves, and inside they have a burning desire to become a source of pride for their family, friends and loved ones.

Variants of congratulations with parting words in honor of the last call for graduates of grade 11 from parents

Properly written parting word, said at the last bell or the final prom night, gives the event a special solemnity and significance. For a change, you can include in the text any funny phrase, the memory of an elementary school or a funny episode that happened to the children in grades 9-11. This will make the speech speech more personal, and the children will once again experience a slight regret that the carefree and fun school years are already over and will never happen again.


Never forget what kind of crumbs you were. It seems that very recently we collected you in the first class, and today you were already gathering in the last class. I remember your first meeting with the school: everyone was fussing, afraid, worried, and we confidently led you to the first class, promising that everything will be fine.And now, after so many years, nothing will change - we will always be with you, be your support, support, your faith. After all, you are our children, our world, our happiness. Today not only you have grown up, but we are with you. Dear ones, we wish you that this last call will be the beginning of a new life for you, in which you will surely succeed and realize all your dreams!


Dear guys, today it is time to go to your adult life! I want to believe in your future successes, for that's the only way it should be. The guarantee will be your energy and youth. We wish that each of you maximizes your abilities, is surrounded by good friends and has managed to become happy.


Our dear children, today you say goodbye to the school. Just one step separates you from adult life. We wish you safely and confidently to rise to a new level. Never lose faith in yourself, be persistent and persistent in achieving goals, sincerely love and appreciate friendship. And then surely everything will turn out. And we, your parents, will always be there to support you in difficult times and share the joy of victory.


Children are cute, more recently, funny and charming you walked into the first class,clutching tightly to parental hands. Now confident in your independence by the hand you hold classmates. And we all want to take the hand of the child, lead on this difficult life, avoiding all obstacles, substituting his shoulder. We understand what is impossible, so we say, walk through life with dignity. Ahead are final exams - excellent grades and let expectations come true.


Dear our graduates, we congratulate you on graduation! You are already quite adults - 11 years of hard study are now behind, and you can safely move forward to higher knowledge, developing your own qualities. At such a young age you are already big personalities. May each of you be truly happy in life and achieve everything that only pleases. We wish you not to lose confidence in achieving your goals, walk easily through life with a ray of luck behind your back. Great accomplishments to you, true knowledge, iron will and success ahead.

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