Wonderful glue disposal: quick, easy and effective

Dried on hands or caught on clothes glue does not give anyone pleasure. Sometimes the need to seal something arises at the most inappropriate moment. Yes, and children engaged in creativity, or simply decided to make his beloved mother another surprise, can "please" with dirty clothes. Incredibly simple, but effective ways to get rid of glue exist.

Remove super glue from hands without problems

Unfortunately, we don’t always use gloves when working with super glue. If a drop accidentally fell on your hands, then simple hand washing will not be enough. It would seem that the glue can be exclusively gnawed or rubbed with pumice stone, but in reality it is not. In fact, you just need to moisten your fingers with water, and then put a little salt on the adhered glue, add a little more water and start rubbing salt into the problem area. Do it in a minute.During this time, the salt reacts with the glue and is converted to a white pasty mass. This is a signal that hands can be washed. Believe me, there will be no trace of glue.

With this simple procedure, it is easy to remove not only stationery, but even PVA construction glue. You can get rid of fresh spots that do not have time to grasp, and even from glue, which not only dried, but soaked clothes through and through.

All you need is an ordinary soak in warm water. For a freshly stained stain that has not dried completely, a couple of hours will be sufficient. For small areas of pollution that have dried, the soaking time will have to be increased up to 3-4 hours. If the glue had to swim in the literal sense of the word, and there was no opportunity to immediately dirty the dirty things, then the procedure should be no less than 8-12 hours.

After soaking, the item should be rinsed, pressed and sent to a washing machine for normal washing. The water-based PVA glue, after pre-soaking, is usually washed from the first time. In the event that the stain has significantly decreased in size, but has not completely receded, the procedure must be repeated.

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