Wisteria Surreal Tunnel

True travelers and lovers of natural beauty will certainly need to look into the Japanese city of Kitakyushu, which is located 4 hours from Tokyo. In Kitakuyushu, there is an unearthly beauty garden of wisteria called Kawati Fuji. It has a magnificent tunnel of wisteria.

That's where it would be worth a walk! In this garden, which is cared for by the best landscape designers of the country, many fancy, beautiful corners. But only one of them is a real pearl of the garden. This element of the garden landscape has its own name, world-famous among connoisseurs, the Wisteria Tunnel.

Wisteria- The scientific name of wisteria, given to her two hundred years ago. And its Greek name has one root with the word “glucose”.

Wisteria is “sweet” because it exudes the sweetest flavors.

On all sides in the Wisteria Tunnel, gentle, winding wisteria vines surround the walking public. They completely wrapped around the skeleton of the tunnel, and their heavy, luxurious, full-blown and lush blooming clusters fall down a dense carpet.

Everyone who walks through the Wisteria flower tunnel seems to be absolutely unrealistic of what is happening, as if they were able to find themselves inside a surrealistic picture, among the magical elven thickets painted in incredibly juicy, bright colors.

Here you can make truly beautiful photos that will be the pride of the collection of any traveler.

But photographs, even those that we see here, that is, immaculately made from the technical side, cannot convey to all the tender beauty of the flowering vines of wisteria. After all, the atmosphere of this beautiful garden includes silence, in which sounds are softened and concealed by thousands of fresh flower petals, and light breezes of the wind that accidentally penetrate through dense thickets, and the delicate, charming, beautiful, sweet scent of wisteria inflorescences. All this remains behind the scenes.

This unusual tunnel of wisteria immerses its guests in a special, indescribable atmosphere, affecting all the senses at once. Sudden harmony stuns a person, snatched from his noisy and business-like everyday life, and not ready for such an aesthetic extravaganza.

Perhaps not one wandering philosopher tunnel Wisteria cast sad thoughts about the once lost man paradise garden.

Wisteria blooms in spring. And every year from April to May, a lot of travelers come here to the Kawati Fuji garden to join the great Japanese national tradition - a leisurely and focused contemplation of the beautiful.

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