Why you can not believe a traitor

Do not trust the person who once betrayed you. If he did it, then he wanted it, so he was comfortable. Sometimes it happens that after some time, life confronts you with traitors. Here one lesson should be learned, to understand that people do not change. It is not worth evil to communicate with such a person, and even more so to revenge. Just keep it at a distance. Do not believe in his repentance and the renewal of friendships that he offers.

The hardest thing is when close people are traitors. Those from whom you do not expect a dirty trick. There is a feeling of deceit and emptiness. Man being weak, and under the influence of feelings and instincts in certain situations of life begins to save himself. Self-sacrifice is inherent in few.

The tendency to betrayal, like other vices, “sucks in”, you will do it once, and repeat it later many times, at the first life of the vicissitudes. Such people are essentially weak. They are afraid of responsibility, difficulties, they want to avoid them.When the crisis passes, they return and begin to "repent."

However, even such people deserve forgiveness. Because everyone makes mistakes, but the question of trust is unequivocal.

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