Why be selfish and healthy?

A middle-aged woman, a farm manager. She endlessly has to carry heavy boxes, her back hurts. On vacation it is easier, and how it goes to work - again we have to wear weights, again pesters back pain. The pills help for a while, then the pain again, and the patient no longer remembers when there was a period so that it didn’t hurt at all ... Does carrying weight in official duties? Of course not, but who, if not her, lays out all the boxes in the warehouse in the right order? ..

Young guy Fell at work in a faint. He sleeps four hours a day. Recycles His face seemed to have faded from a lack of emotion (it is possible that from iron deficiency anemia, but tests will show this). He refuses from the sick-list - everyone is on vacation, he is alone, irreplaceable. And also a mortgage, be it wrong.

Many of my patients are united by the complete lack of self-love and respect for the resources of the body, which are far from infinite.

Why be selfish and healthy?

Too tired people come to doctors every day who believe that the reason for their disgusting state of health is thyroid disease, chronic latent infection or problem vessels.These patients have completely forgotten how to listen to themselves and understand the signals of their own organism. As a rule, they are accustomed to overeat, because fatty and sweet food, albeit briefly, but still brings to the blissful state the absence of anxiety and frustration. They smoke, drink alcohol with a certain frequency, and drink too much coffee - and they are very surprised when the doctor starts talking about bad habits: habits, maybe bad ones, but they help to somehow interrupt the feeling of tiredness and helplessness. Sometimes such people are dependent on sleeping pills or anti-anxiety drugs. This is not surprising: if using a tablet you can “turn off” the alarm and sleep at night without disturbing dreams, then why not decorate each day with these medicines? And do not care about addiction, memory loss, inability to concentrate and general dullness from the abuse of tranquilizers.

People who have completely lost the skill of caring for themselves do not necessarily bypass doctors for three miles. Such patients can be sure that they pay much attention to their health. For example, come every six months to the clinic,to “dig through the vessels” or take a prescription for sleeping pills. Why these gestures are made, they do not think, and it does not matter, the main thing is to observe the ritual.

These people are united by one thing: they always put the needs and opinions of those around them in priority. Work in two shifts to pay a loan for a large, slacker son, because he decided to change the car. It’s customary to do someone else’s work because I don’t have the courage to say no to colleagues

Give a lot of money for drugs with unproven efficacy for the drip, because the neighbor also “drips” regularly and she is well. Like pounded circus horses, these people wander around their daily duties without thinking too much, but is it possible to change something? Why so bad? Why so tired?

Why be selfish and healthy?

The problem is that if you make others happy in 24/7 mode, you will not be able to take care of yourself. I like to see how the faces of people who hear this banal truth become clear and suddenly for the first time truly realize it.

A young mother began taking antidepressants and goes to a psychologist. One evening she tried to leave the children with her husband - he was not so pleased, but he coped with the task.The woman had a better sleep and less guilt in front of the children, because she finally felt rested and stopped raising her voice to her sons.

A female caretaker with back pain decided to go to a fitness center. She does it with pleasure, dropped 15 kilograms and says that life has suddenly become very joyful. I hope she no longer carries boxes and boxes in stock.

The guy who fainted, still agreed to go to the hospital.

Unfortunately, not every story has a good ending. It is very easy to believe that a mortgage is a worthy reason to work in two shifts without days off for ten years. Or that you are an indispensable person for your children despite the fact that they are already over thirty, but because you have no time to go to rest to the sea and there is no need to do pleasant things like leisurely shopping with friends or a solid choice of books for reading at the weekend.

Taking care of yourself takes courage. You should not change your life in a revolutionary way by redrawing the daily routine and habits in one day. You can start by looking at the nearest fitness center, finding out what activities are going on there, and signing up for a trial lesson.

Or from the evening, think over the menu for lunch, collect delicious food in a container and arrange yourself a normal lunch break, without being distracted by calls, social networks and chatter with colleagues. Or simply politely but firmly refuse the intrusive and inappropriate request of a friend.

Taking care of yourself is looking for a good doctor and planning simple preventive examinations once a year to prevent the onset of illness, instead of frantically treating here and there crumbling health. And the most important thing is the ability to feel hunger, tiredness, emotional discomfort in time. These skills also do not appear in one day, they require time and attention, awareness and the ability to escape from business, to listen to yourself.

Why be selfish and healthy?

Healthy egoism is not a bad trait at all. This is a useful option that is necessary to maintain physical and mental health. Reasonable egoism helps to restore their own resources, to become a happy and calm person. And from this filled state it is much easier to help your loved ones and plan your own life.

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