Why is the laptop not working?

Determining why the laptop is not working or why its screen does not turn on, the initialization system does not start, is not so easy.

We will consider several possible causes of such faults. Knowing at least tentatively the essence of the problem, you can plan the costs of eliminating them.

The laptop does not work: malfunctions and their causes

Immediately, we note that depending on the breakdown, the cost of repairing a laptop can result in a very substantial amount. And in some cases (for example, in case of failure of bridges) no one can guarantee you that over time, the problem element will not break again. Therefore, before ordering a repair, first carefully weigh the pros and cons. In some cases, buy a new laptop, and even better, a stationary computer would be more appropriate.

The laptop does not turn on at all

That is, after pressing the power button, you do not see any characteristic reaction of the gadget: the computer does not make any sounds, those indicators, lights that usually light up when turned on, and so on do not light up.

In this case, the cause of the malfunction may be a defective battery. To verify this, remove the battery from the computer and then connect it to the electrical outlet. If the device is working, the reason is really in the battery. Replace it.

Also, the laptop may not turn on due to a malfunction of the motherboard. Only a specialist can diagnose this problem. The problem may be in the breakdown of the power supply. You can check this by connecting another suitable unit. Finally, a malfunction may occur due to a malfunction of the BIOS chip or if flashing the BIOS firmware. The laptop also will not turn on if the power connector is damaged, the multicontroller has failed, a short circuit has occurred in the power circuit and in the north / south bridge.

The initialization process does not start

Initialization is what happens to the computer until the logo of your operating system appears on the screen. If after turning on the laptop shows "signs of life" (buzzing, lights are on, the keyboard backlight turns on, etc.), but it does not initialize, the problem may be damage to the north bridge, BIOS malfunction, problems with the processor or memory.

The laptop shuts down or starts a BIOS reboot.

If the computer automatically turns off or restarts the BIOS, then the south bridge may have overheated, the processor, or some problems occurred in the BIOS itself. You can also assume that the power supply is malfunctioning (if the battery is discharged, the computer will not be able to turn on, respectively), the cooling system will malfunction, and the gadget will overheat and turn off.

The laptop does not go beyond loading the BIOS

After turning on the computer gives an error, indicating that the disk is not a system disk, hangs on the BIOS splash screen or gives such a terrible black screen for any user with a blinking cursor.

In this case, we can talk about the problems of the hard disk (it can "crumble") or malfunction of the south bridge.

OS does not boot

If it’s still a matter of booting the OS, but at this stage the computer starts to reboot or hang, then the problem most likely lies either in the defeat of the software by the virus or in the violation of the structure of the system files.

For such problems, the easiest way is to reinstall the operating system. This can be done independently. The only thing that can cause difficulty is finding the right drivers.If you have information on your laptop that needs to be saved, then it is better to contact the specialists at the service center or any computer repair company - they will be able to get all your files and drop them onto removable media.

The screen does not turn on

After pressing the power button, you hear the characteristic sounds of the cooler, you see that certain indicators light up, but the screen shows no signs of activity. Try to connect an external monitor - if it works, then the cause of the malfunction may very well be the computer's matrix. It can be diagnosed in a service center, and then replaced with a new one. You can also suspect problems in the inverter (the cable leading from the inverter to the motherboard is damaged, or the inverter is not receiving power, or there is a malfunction in the element itself).

Bad screen image

If the picture on the monitor is only partially visible, there is a slight ripple, or there are impressive vertical or horizontal stripes, then the problem may be damage to the screen loop, damage to the motherboard or matrix, stratification of the video chip.

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