Why does the cat stop eating normally?

Nutrition plays an important role in the life of pets: properly selected products improve the quality of life, strengthen the immune system, and help to avoid many diseases. However, it happens that for no apparent reason the cat starts to eat poorly or refuses to eat at all.

The reasons for this condition may be several, and they all require increased attention. The fact is that eating a pet is one of the most important signals that something is wrong with a cat or its diet.

What to do in this case and how to help a furry pet will be discussed in the article below.

Why is this happening?

Many owners treat the cat as a child, so it is not surprising that the alarming symptoms immediately drive the owners into a state of panic. You should not panic: it is best to try to thoroughly understand the causes and take all possible measures, because the refusal of food does not mean the presence of serious diseases.

The fact is that cats are extremely sensitive to any changes, so even family quarrels can affect them negatively. Also, a change in the place of residence or simply a rearrangement of furniture, even a new bowl that doesn’t cater to a pet, can become a stumbling block.

What can we say about the situation when a new pet appears in the dwelling: such a moment is able to drive the cats into real depression. If the cause of malnutrition becomes stress, the animal does not seem sick and yet shows sufficient activity. In such a situation, after a certain habituation, the appetite for the cat will definitely return.

Sometimes the pets declare a kind of strike to change the diet: the new taste and smell of food do not like the animal so much that it refuses to eat completely. In such cases, experienced owners recommend changing the food gradually, adding new products to the old food. The same thing happens during the transition from dry to natural feed, and vice versa.

This may seem surprising, but the cats' appetite can be influenced by the ambient temperature: their interest in products decreases significantly in hot weather.In addition, pets can thus respond to any changes in the home microclimate: for example, the inclusion of heating batteries and heaters in the autumn.

The ability to absorb food can be affected by the manifestation of the animal's sexual instinct, and cats complete the fasting period fairly quickly, but the cats can refuse to eat even for a week. In this case, there is also no cause for concern: as soon as the hormones return to normal, the animal will begin to feed again in its usual mode.

Such a concept as “fasting day” also exists in seals: the pet may well refuse a day-to-day food from difficult to digest. To do this he can and after overeating. On a daily hunger strike, the animal may sit down because of a grudge against the host, who refused to pet him.

It should be said separately about animals that have access to the street - they can easily find their own food, while often they are fed by people living in the neighborhood.

Safe terms of refusal of food are largely dependent on the health of the pet and age. A small kitten should not go hungry for more than a day, but at the same time adults can do without food for 4-5 days. Most importantly, during this period the cat drank the right amount of water.

The most disturbing is the poor appetite caused by the disease. At the same time, ill health is manifested in the whole appearance of pets: drowsiness and lethargy are present, playfulness and cheerfulness are lost.

In this case, you need to carefully and carefully examine the cat: whether external wounds or bruises are detected, if there are no foreign objects in the ears, if there are inflammations of the gums and if your teeth hurt. In addition, the cat may be disturbed by parasites - helminthic invasions, infectious diseases and gastrointestinal disorders.

Anxiety should cause any deviations from the norm: high fever, abdominal distension and tension, abnormal stools and others. In such a situation, you need to show the animal to a specialist as soon as possible and not treat it yourself - this can cost the cat life.

How to help your pet?

If the cat is cheerful and cheerful, his chair is normal, and the hunger strike lasts up to 2 days, it is possible not to worry - most likely, external reasons served as the reason for not eating.

You can try to carefully add new foods to your food, depending on their preferences: if an animal eats only natural products, it makes sense to offer him healthy new dishes.If there were industrial feeds on the menu, it might be worth trying to buy varieties specifically for picky animals.

It is not necessary to introduce new products into the diet dramatically - it is better to do it gradually, each time increasing their quantity. Also, do not try to force the cat to feed - it will only exacerbate the situation, as the cats will consider this procedure as a new stress.

In addition to the main food, in the pet store you can buy vitamins and delicacies that cats eat with pleasure and rarely refuse them, as well as germinated fresh grass.

If the pet has stopped eating, you should remember whether any vaccinations have been made. You may have to de-worming or eliminate blood-sucking insects. If the cat is active and outwardly looks completely healthy, most likely, the appetite will soon return.

However, any symptoms of malaise should be regarded as a risk to the health of the animal, so for any suspicion of a disease visit to the vet should be timely. The doctor will prescribe tests, conduct an examination and identify the cause of malnutrition, after which adequate treatment will be carried out.

So, to understand why the cat has become bad to eat, you need to remember whether there were any quarrels in the family, whether furniture was rearranged or moved, to pay attention to the surrounding temperature and to any changes in the pet's diet.

It is also recommended to take a close look at his state of health, measure the temperature and check whether the cat consumes the right amount of water. If you suspect any ailment, it is recommended to urgently consult a veterinarian.

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