Why spring trees are whitened

You will need
  • - lime;
  • - copper sulphate;
  • - wood glue;
  • - bucket;
  • - water;
  • - brush;
  • - gloves;
  • - scraper or wire brush.
Those who are against the spring whitewashing of trees believe that it is carried out only for beauty and good does not bring any. They even claim that spring whitewashing can prevent the trunks of trees from “breathing” by blocking their pores. Proponents are convinced that whitewashing is the best protection against pests and sunlight, protecting the trunk and protecting the entire tree from unnecessary stress.
Spring whitewashing really protects the plants from the burning spring sun and the wreckers that have woken up after the winter, which at this time of year actively attack trees and shrubs. But to achieve the desired effect, it is necessary to produce spring whitewashing according to all the rules and in time.
It is very important to begin to whiten the trees on time, no later than the beginning of April, and preferably at the end of March, when the earth has not yet had time to warm up enough to make wintering pests awake.The second important condition: you need to whiten the trees in dry weather, but before the arrival of really warm days.
The process of whitewashing itself is as follows. First, the tree trunk is trimmed from mosses, lichens and old dry bark. This is done with a special scraper or wire brush. Scraping should be thorough, throughout the trunk within reach. Then all the cracks and wounds are covered. For this garden putty is used. And only after that, when the putty dries out, you can start whitewashing.
You can buy whitewashing ready-made in the store, and you can make it yourself. For the preparation of a whitewash solution at home, you will need a ten-liter bucket of water: 2.5 kg of dry quicklime and 0.5 liters of copper sulfate. Lime is carefully poured with water, in small portions, and mixed. The solution should stand for two days. Then copper sulphate and 200 g of wood glue are added. Everything is mixed again and you can apply whitewashing - with a special brush, always wearing gloves.
By the way, many whitewash trees not only in spring, but also in autumn, that is, twice a year. In the autumn it is necessary to whiten when the foliage on the trees has already fallen, but it has not yet begun to rain and cold - no later than October.Autumn whitewashing has the same functions as the spring whitewash - protects trees from pests and sunburn in early spring.
Anyway, it is important not just to paint the trees white, so that it is beautiful, but to do it properly, after conducting a preliminary preparation and spreading the composition of the necessary ingredients. Then whitewash will really protect the garden.

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