Why see kissing in a dream

Kiss is the easiest way to express your tenderness, love or passion, so it is not surprising that often in our dreams we kiss someone. Kissing in a dream is an ambiguous symbol. Often dream books interpret such dreams in different ways. Why dream of kissing a friend or a stranger? Will this dream bring good luck in love or, on the contrary, foreshadow separation? It all depends on who you kiss.

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Kissing in a dream
Kissing in a dream

East Dream

Almost all dream books interpret kisses with a close man as a threat to your love. Kissing a loved one in a dream - to be separated soon, and the more passionate the kiss was, the sooner the separation. This can be a long trip, and separation forever. Kisses with loved ones - to discord in relationships, to betrayal, to quarrels and quarrels.

· Stranger. Kissing in a dream an unfamiliar man - to the good news, a pleasant surprise; for an unmarried girl - for a quick wedding.

· Beautiful man. Often kisses with a handsome man are interpreted as a sign of a quick acquaintance with a man who will fascinate you at first glance, but it will turn out to be a gigolo for checking.

· Former lover / husband.In your relationship, all the points over i have not yet been placed, perhaps you have feelings for him. Such a dream is a signal to action: sort out your feelings, talk, forgive each other for old offenses.

· The girl. Kissing in a dream with a girl or woman - perhaps you will find a quarrel with a friend. Many dream books interpret kisses with a representative of their gender as a warning about future minor troubles, chronic diseases.

· Friend / colleague / relative. To mutual understanding. You will have a close, trusting relationship with this person for a long time. Some dream books, on the contrary, treat a kiss with a colleague as a warning about minor troubles at work.

· Celebrity. If you dream about kissing a famous person, fate sends you a sign: your problems will be resolved, and your plans will be successfully fulfilled if you show those character traits that have glorified your counterpart.

· The deceased. Kisses with a dead person foreshadow a speedy collapse of hope. You may need rest and rest. Some dream books interpret the kiss of the deceased as a very bad sign: such a dream can portend a serious illness and even death.If you kiss a departed relative with whom you were close, you mentally say goodbye to him.

· Child. Kissing a child in a dream is a good sign. Good news or a pleasant surprise await you. Baby - you save health and beauty to a great old age. Also, this dream can foreshadow the joy of communicating with family members. However, if you kiss a crying child or a child who is not well, your joy may be overshadowed by unexpected troubles.

· Enemy. If you kiss an unpleasant person in a dream, it means that your friend or a loved one, with whom you are in a quarrel, is waiting for reconciliation.

If you dream about your chosen one kissing another woman or girl, be careful - your relationship is at risk, you may soon have a serious quarrel and even break up.

To dream of others kissing - to sorrow and unpleasantness; you may be caught up in a confused situation. Also, this dream may indicate that you are forced to keep other people's secrets and you need this need.

Kissing in a dream with an old man, an old woman, and also mutilated, endowed with deformities to people - to material problems.

Air kisses in a dream - a symbol of humility.

Kissing the hand of someone - to a happy fate, the fulfillment of desires.

Kissing a swallow, a pigeon - fortunately, luck, love.

Small Veles dream

Kissing in a dream the dream book interprets the earth as a bad sign; he foreshadows sadness, anxiety and humiliation.

The dream of psychologist D.Lofa

Kissing in a dream speaks about the desire to arouse passion in oneself, to feel the energy of love. Perhaps you are experiencing a subconscious sexual desire for someone you kiss, but are afraid to admit it to yourself. At the same time in a dream you feel the desire to kiss, and after awakening - a sense of guilt.

Martin Zadeka claims that seeing an unmarried girlfriend kissing is an indispensable quick marriage.

Interpreter Sigmund Freud

Why dream of kissing yourself? Such a dream is interpreted in a very unequivocal way - narcissism is peculiar to you (a tendency to narcissism and even sexual desire for oneself).

If you are kissing yourself in a dream, this may indicate that:

· You are too focused on your own person and are paying undue attention to your appearance and behavior;

· Refuse to notice everything that is around you; you do not care about other people's problems, you do not want to hear and understand the point of view of another person;

· You are characterized by egocentric thinking, you are ready to interpret everything in your favor.

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