Why are our men considered ugly?

Men in the comments offended, protested and "threw stones" in response, as our women, by the way, in the first lines of the beauties of this list also do not appear (and all because they are inferior to Sweden, Norway and Iceland).

But women's comments still turned out to be brighter and more interesting, because between the lines they carried much more resentment in themselves than men.

Insults for coming to the holidays in Montenegro, Italy, Spain, and there any ice cream seller is so slender and white-tooth that you want to seek political asylum

Why are our men considered ugly?


And also for the fact that already at the airport, even if it is international-international, you always know our Vanka from afar. A pretty pretty companion always rushes around him, sniffs all the spirits in a row in Duty Free, does not miss a single shop window, and he walks with a sad, dull look, hiding his head in his shoulders, as if his three ambals lead him to life imprisonment.

And, of course, for the fact that if on a date you got a short and sloppy,then expect that he will love himself so that he will glow with pride, and his mother will love him even more and he will think whether you are so perfect that you can pass her hands on to her son

Well, in addition, because the belly and baldness (or a haircut with a chelochka, which in Moscow still cannot be completely out of fashion, is incomprehensible, which is worse) are the very signs of “maturing” that our men catch up with for some reason. then before the 30th anniversary, but to condemn them publicly for this is somehow not accepted. On the contrary, they are taken to be touched with a smile, as if an ugly man is such an eternal female casual in Russia, and who are unhappy - they are too naughty and turn up their noses. Summarizing the reaction of readers, it remains only to conclude that such polls hurt women even more than men, who, in fact, were supposed to be offended by the results.

But how not so! We don’t humiliate our men with any polls, and women’s comments will always come to them in support of the fact that our good young people have won so many wars so much that they can’t be compared with all those well-groomed European beauties, because our Ranka can change the wheel and nail a nail, and how many cubes he has there on his stomach - this is generally the tenth thing.It is surprising that there will always be women who will remind you that our people are a great power, where a man is a valiant defender and a strong man, and all his other qualities are already secondary. It seems as if we live in war somewhere in the Middle Ages and in the mornings with guns we shoot back from our enemies, and in the evenings we drag huge amphoras with grain. Moreover, in the minds of men, the idea of ​​strength is so archaic that, in essence, it simply means “to be larger than a woman and a child” and not synonymous with endurance (try sending it for a jog on Saturday morning) or muscularity (well, everything is very, very sad) , nor general body grooming (by the way, it is present in professional athletes-strongmen).
Why are our men considered ugly?

After all this discussion, the question is brewing: so what happened to our men after all, that they are so ugly? The fortunes of American intelligence, fortunately, do not appear as an option, but still some fascinating theories are presented. For example, that the revolution, civil war, emigration, the Patriotic War and the repression destroyed the best, and what was left - the material is genetically not very high quality, and some claim that it affected not only appearance, but also mental abilities .Someone is also bringing in poor nutrition and a disgusting ecology, but even here I would like to ask: how can the girls then be born so beautiful from these genetically “defective” and environmentally poisoned fathers? There is no qualified answer, so the spectacular drama of this version immediately fades away.

Someone in the comments argues that our men are not at all scary, but simply uncharizmatic, tasteless and unkempt, and sometimes not too well-bred. Well-groomed men (or rather, its complete absence), in principle, is derived as a key feature of the stronger sex of our country: they say, well, we are dressed in fashion, brushed by a hairdresser and repaired with lotion creams. Immediately hear out loud comparison you know yourself with whom. In men, the culture of self-care is minimized, but rumpled au naturel is elevated into a cult as a clear and powerful visual opposite of the “unwanted” unconventional orientation. They say that if he is a bushist, he smacks slightly, walks like an Tinman, and the door pushes his belly, then it’s like natural and, generally, a MAN, and most likely he will not change (yeah, wait!).

Why are our men considered ugly?

There are doubts about the latter both in our country and in women, who comment with painfully burning, not-so-good news about Russian ugly men.

For some reason in our country, and "puzatiki, and loafers, and alcoholics, and just ran away from a pregnant wife, and in life just not very adequate - all women are" selected "and for a long time in the street alone are not" lying around "

The girls are beautiful and willing to stop being free, even at the cost of 6-hour daily extra work at the post of cook-cleaner-psychologist full, so men can not even strain themselves and not google at night: “How can she please?”, “How to clean the belly in three weeks, ”“ What kind of men do everyone want to marry? ”or“ How to become a god in bed? ”. Already for the fact that the house has something like a man, our women are ready to love and cherish. It turns out that everything is in the Darwinian theory of natural selection: nothing prevents them from going on life with a bald head and tummy at the age of 29, because they will find a partner themselves (and not one, still have to choose!), So they spread freely across the country and even forget hunting skills.

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