Why is one eye bigger than the other?

The bodies of people are asymmetrical. Even if, at first glance, it seems to you that you are confronted by a person with perfectly perfect proportions of the face, this can easily be disproved.

To do this, take a snapshot of this man or woman, taken in close-up, and cut into two identical halves. Then take a picture of each of the pieces separately, and you will see that you will have two different faces.

It is likely that this person will have one eye slightly larger than the other. There is nothing terrible in this, because almost everyone has a slight asymmetry.

An absolutely proportional human face becomes shortly before death. Therefore, you should not worry much if you have not quite perfectly symmetrical features. But at the same time, if you notice that your eyes have become very different in size, then such a change may indicate certain pathologies.

To find out the true causes of such a defect, and find out what to do with it, it is necessary to urgently contact a medical institution for advice from a doctor.


Often an eye infection is facilitated by visual reduction of the eye. In the period of the acute course of the disease, asymmetry appears as a result of swelling of the eyelid. A similar phenomenon can cause conjunctivitis or barley.

In these diseases, the bacteria cause an inflammatory process in the mucous membrane, which is why one eye later becomes smaller. This condition disappears immediately after the person recovers completely.

Treatment of infectious diseases should be carried out under the supervision of an appropriate specialist. It is the ophthalmologist who must prescribe an antibiotic to help cope with the bacterium. Therefore, even if you have a small swelling in the area of ​​the eyelid, you should not let go of the rehabilitation period and self-medicate, as jokes with health can end badly and lead to serious consequences.

Quite often without proper treatment, such infections are accompanied not only by swelling, but also by tearing, redness and purulent discharge. Thus, having addressed in time to the doctor, you will be able to avoid the acute course of an infectious disease.


Any abrasion or bruise in the area of ​​the eye causes swelling, which, in turn, leads to its reduction or increase. Depending on the severity of the injury, appropriate treatment is prescribed, but the more pronounced the difference between a healthy eyelid and a damaged one, the sooner you should go to the hospital.

If you have just injured your eye, you can give yourself first aid before you arrive at the emergency room. Be sure to apply a cold, but only if the outer shell has suffered, without hitting the inner shell.

Keep in mind that if you apply ice, it should be done through several layers of cloth or gauze, otherwise you risk getting a thermal burn.

Bulbar syndrome

This is a disease associated with the deterioration of the brain. Manifestation of the syndrome leads to a change in the size of the eyes. Therefore, it should be at the slightest suspicion to seek advice from the hospital to start timely treatment. Any confusion has serious consequences, including paralysis and total dysfunction of the eye muscles.

A brain tumor

Benign or malignant formation in the cerebral cortex can cause asymmetry.If there are no other reasons for such changes in the human face, then consult a neurologist.

Inflammation of the trigeminal nerve

This inflammatory process is very painful, because apart from changing the size of the eyelid, it is accompanied by uncomfortable sensations in the ear and strong migraines.

Children's asymmetry

A child aged three to five years may experience a slight discrepancy in the size of the eyes. Since it is during this period there is the formation of muscles, then this non-ideal proportionality is quite natural. However, if you notice a strong difference between the left and right side of the face, then be sure to sign up for a consultation with an ophthalmologist and a neurologist.

Correction of the size with the help of decorative cosmetics

Make-up can do wonders, and with the help of simple methods you can hide visible flaws.

  1. Hanging eyelid:
    • try to draw a fold of the century that hung, at the same level as the second eye;
    • eyebrow over the looming eyelid draw a little higher;
    • avoid clear and straight lines, better once again shade the shadows and pencil;
    • paint your eyelashes well with mascara; if you like, you can shape them with forceps.
  2. One eye is visually smaller:
    • make the arrow wider above the pupil;
    • paint the mucous of a narrow eye from below with a pencil that is lighter in tone than the main color.
  3. The eye is set deep:
    • use a brighter palette for this century than for another;
    • increase eyelashes or use the overhead. To hide the asymmetry it is necessary to use sets of different lengths.

Remember that you can hide any congenital defect of the eyelid with cosmetics, but if the eyes become different in size due to external and internal factors, do not tempt fate, but consult the appropriate competent specialist.

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