Why is it good to refuse makeup?

Many girls and women do makeup daily. It takes a lot of time and money, and sometimes nerves. Try to abandon make-up and appreciate the benefits of living without it. We offer top arguments against cosmetics.

Why it is necessary to refuse a make-up?

So, the top 10 reasons why a woman or girl should refuse makeup:

  1. Saving time, with tangible. You do not have to get up early in the morning to do make-up. Also, you do not need to periodically adjust the makeup, spending precious minutes on it, which sometimes is not enough. And you shorten the duration of preparation for bed, because you will not need to remove cosmetics. The savings are significant, aren't they?
  2. You will be able to openly express your emotions and not control movements, worrying about your face. If suddenly sentimental feelings cause a desire to cry, do it boldly: mascara will not flow and will not lead to the appearance of "panda effect". Itch your eye or other part of your face? Do not tolerate and do not deny yourself the pleasure to comb, because you do not risk smearing cosmetics and because of this look ridiculous and sloppy.In the heat of the summer, did you want to freshen up, having washed yourself with water from a tap or swimming in the nearest reservoir? You can do this at any time of the day, and after water procedures the face will remain the same as it was before them. And you can kiss and hug, not afraid to stain the second half.
  3. Healthy eyelashes. In any mascara contains artificial additives that can deteriorate the condition of the eyelashes and destroy their structure, which leads to thinning and loss. The hairs can fall out during the usual and necessary procedure for removing makeup: friction and mechanical stress damage the bulbs and disturb their nutrition. Therefore, the rejection of carcasses is a good way to keep them and make them healthier and more attractive.
  4. Discarding cosmetics will be beneficial for the skin. Few people know that the epidermis suffers greatly due to the negative impact of make-up. First, cosmetics can contain artificial ingredients, including aggressive, irritant and inflammatory. Secondly, the tonal resources that many women and girls use daily, clog pores and provoke their blockage, disrupting the outflow of sebum and causing the formation of black spots and an increase in fat content.Third, cosmetics forms a dense film on the surface of the skin that violates natural breathing and prevents oxygen from entering the cells. Without cosmetics, the skin will breathe and retain its natural structure.
  5. Saving money. High-quality cosmetics cost a lot, and several products are usually used to create even a daily natural make-up. If you refuse make-up, you can save the budget and spend money on something more pleasant and useful, for example, on a new dress or refresher course.
  6. Your self-esteem will increase. It would seem that, on the contrary, it should decrease, and at first you will really feel insecure (for many, leaving the house without makeup is like being naked in front of other people). But gradually, looking every day in the mirror, you will love yourself for who you are: natural, with a twist of freckles or other features that many consider flawed. Gradually, there will be confidence. And if you love yourself, then others will love you.
  7. You will look younger.Surprisingly, it's a fact: tons of cosmetics, contrary to popular belief, do not make you more attractive, but, on the contrary, add years. And the brighter the make-up, the older you look. And these lovely freckles, which many so carefully disguise, give the image fervor and lovely charm.
  8. Natural naturalness is fashionable. It has become a real trend, popular among both ordinary people and celebrities. Stars spread their photos "without banknotes" in social networks and cause not criticism and disgust, but respect and hundreds of "likes" of fans.
  9. You will begin to take care of yourself more carefully. And this is a fact: the fair sex, who refused decorative cosmetics, begin to look attractive in a natural way: to put the body in order, to monitor the skin condition, to look after the hair. If for you the main indicator of beauty is a face with a make-up, then after giving up on the latter, the priorities may change.
  10. There will be no more traces of foundation and other cosmetics on your clothes. This problem is familiar to many girls and women, and some even had to throw out damaged things,After all, not all spots are displayed completely. Without make-up, there will be more chances to keep clothes clean.

How to start living without makeup?

If the benefits of abandoning make-up have been thoroughly studied by you, but you still cannot bring yourself to stop painting, then follow the simple guidelines:

  • If you cannot refuse cosmetics immediately, then act gradually, removing one remedy from your cosmetic bag. Over time, it will become completely empty, and you will notice that you no longer need makeup.
  • Start small. If you don’t leave the house without makeup at all, then try to do it by going to throw away trash or shopping in a home shop. Then take a walk around the area (for support, you can take your girlfriend with you, asking her not to paint too, as a sign of solidarity). Then try to go with a clean, untreated face to the mall, and then go to work or study.
  • So that you do not have the temptation to make up your eyelashes or lips, get rid of all cosmetics, if you decide to give it up. A radical measure is to throw everything in the trash: then there will definitely be no way back.But you can simply give your beautician with its contents to a friend or someone else. New and not open products try to sell or use as a gift for a colleague or relative.
  • Begin to carefully care for your skin and eyelashes. So you can look attractive without a make-up and eventually you will realize that you do not need it at all. By the way, not only expensive store goods can be used for care, but also home-made ones: sometimes they act just as well and still consist solely of natural ingredients.

Life without makeup is, and it is beautiful! Be convinced of this and appreciate all the benefits of not having cosmetics.

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