Why is it better to go to Portugal for the New Year?

Surely you have met the New Year at home many, many times. If this holiday you want to go to some other place, then take an unforgettable trip to Portugal!

New Year holidays in Portugal

Why are tourists so eager to go to Portugal? Because the people of this country love to have fun and know how to do it. In addition, the Portuguese are known for such qualities as generosity and the ability to enjoy beauty. And this means that, being here for the New Year holidays, you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a holiday, fairy tales and chic. You definitely will not see this anywhere!

Big ball

Christmas celebration

Christmas in Portugal is one of the most important holidays. It is celebrated on the night of December 24-25. Most of the inhabitants of the country are Catholics, so Christmas is celebrated here according to Catholic traditions. Everybody spends this day with family and friends, sharing impressions, giving each other presents and wishing them happiness.

Here are a few Christmas traditions:

  • Christmas crib. This tradition is one of the oldest and most famous, but today many have begun to forget about it. The manger was usually made of moss, and on it were placed figures of the newborn Jesus and animals from the manger.
  • The gifts were previously given to all by the boy Jesus, but then he was replaced by Pai Natal (Christmas Pope, which is, in fact, an analogue of our Santa Claus). But the gifts are not opened by the sutra, but immediately after midnight.
  • Christmas tree. This tradition appeared later, but rooted in Portugal. Christmas trees (traditional trees) are set up in almost all houses, and gifts are placed under them. By the way, the Portuguese are tremulant to the environment, so they prefer artificial Christmas trees.
  • Rooster Mass. Services in churches begin at midnight. And this name was given to the mass thanks to the legend, according to which, at the birth of Jesus, the cock began to crow, notifying everyone of the miracle. After the service, some go home to open gifts, while others set fires right in front of the churches and have fun.
  • Christmas dinner is a tradition that everyone observes. The whole family gathers at the table.Traditional Christmas Portuguese dishes are rice with octopus, baked goat, baked turkey, and bakalyau - salted cod. For dessert, traditionally served Christmas cake in the shape of a crown with dried fruits, nuts and candied fruit. Portuguese drink champagne, port wine and other drinks.
  • Decorations. All Portuguese decorate their homes. Garlands, bells, balls, figurines of the main characters of Christmas, branches of holly are used. Jewelry is hung literally everywhere.

New Year celebration

Wonderful country

How to celebrate New Year in Portugal? With relatives all had time to see, so now they are in a hurry to have fun with friends. At home, almost no one is left, everyone rushes to the streets, because here at this time is incredibly fun and amazingly beautiful.

The main New Year traditions:

  • 12 magical raisins. In some countries, a note is burned with a wish and eaten, but the Portuguese have chosen a more pleasant way to fulfill their dreams. They take 12 raisins and eat chimes one by one for each fight, making wishes (only 12 desires). After that, everyone drinks champagne together.
  • New Year's swimming. Portugal is a warm countrybut still the weather in the New Year holidays may not be the most pleasant. Often rains are pouring here, winds are blowing. And yet many go to the beaches and arrange bathing. Of course, the bravest are swimming, because the water temperature in the winter season is here 14-15 degrees. But some get ready in advance and get warm bathing suits.
  • Clothing. Attire has a special meaning. First, it is necessary to meet the New Year in something new, it is a kind of symbol of renewal. This may be a new thing or a new accessory. Secondly, it's worthwhile to approach the color of clothes. For example, to attract money, it is necessary to give preference to the yellow color. For career growth shades of brown are ideal. Love will give red, and luck will bring blue (many Portuguese wear blue underwear). By the way, bed linen in any case should be new.
  • In order for the coming year not to end the money, you need to fill your pockets and wallet with coins. In addition, a bay leaf should be put in the wallet, which will be stored there all year. It is also believed that tight clothing, holes or loose seams, as well as missing buttons can lead to poverty.
  • Many Portuguese believe that, entering into the new year, you should certainly leave all evil in the old year and drive away evil spirits. The Portuguese believe that the spirits are afraid of noise, so after the battle of the bells, they begin to make noise, stomp, shout, knock and whistle. At home, you can use the covers from the pots, and on the street it is better to grab special "whistles" or other "noisy" devices.
  • Another often integral part of the Portuguese New Year is fireworks and fireworks. Here, almost no one buys firecrackers, because all take care of the authorities. Salutes are arranged in all cities, usually in large squares.
  • As in many countries, in Portugal they drink champagne. Here it is called vinho espumante and is an inexpensive sparkling wine.

Things to do?

Immediately feel the atmosphere

So, what to do in Portugal for the New Year holidays?

  • Swim in the ocean!
  • See the salute.
  • Go to a lively place, join the crowd and enjoy unrestrained fun.
  • Meet the locals and go to visit them (or invite them to yourself).
  • Go for a walk on a real liner.

Where to go?

In Portugal, many beautiful cities and interesting places.And where is the best place to go?

  • Lisbon. It is the capital of Portugal and the largest city in this country. Every year there are all sorts of festive enterprises, and in 2015, everyone is also waiting for something amazing. There are many discos, restaurants, bars and casinos. Annual celebrations are often held on Commerce Square, in the Park of Nations, in Belem, on Kamoes Square. Many people also gather on the beaches of Estoril, Cascais and Oeiras, where festive zones are set up, in which you can have a great time.
  • Albufeira (especially the Algarve region) is beautiful and fun almost all year round, so you can have a great time with your family and children. Here, whole New Year colorful and interesting performances are arranged, which will not leave anyone indifferent.
  • Very beautiful in Madeira - an island with stunning scenery. Nature itself has taken care of the holiday to be bright and memorable for everyone. Annually on the island fireworks are arranged. Although it is difficult to call simple fireworks, this is the most enchanting pyrotechnic show with millions of sparkling lights.
  • Porto is another beautiful and interesting city, located on the river Douro.Every year there are various concerts, fireworks and shows.

How much does it all cost?

If you decide to apply to a travel company, then know that New Year tours to Portugal cost around 1000-2000 euros per person for 7-8 days of stay in the country, including air travel.

Many lights

The prices of hotel rooms can vary from 30-50 euros per day to 100 and more. But it is worth noting that budget hotels are very comfortable, although the set of services will be minimal. But in a five-star hotel you can experience all the charm of all-inclusive service.

Helpful Tips


Some useful tips:

  • Remember that the weather in Portugal is very capricious, so take with you a swimsuit, and something warm. And do not forget about the umbrella, it rains often here.
  • Some Portuguese understand English, but it is better to buy a spoken dictionary.
  • Tours and hotels are better to book in advance.

New Year's trip to Portugal will definitely be remembered for a lifetime!

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