Why dream of sweets

Everyone loves to savor sweets, and in a dream we can afford high-calorie cakes, sweets, cakes in unlimited quantities. But where such dreams lead, few people know.

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Why dream of sweets?

Spring dream book

Dreamed of sweets in a dream - you are too passionate about entertainment, spend time at various parties and parties. It’s time to stop such an outrage, get engaged, finally, with business, otherwise it is waiting for a financial collapse.

Autumn dream

To eat sweets for women in a dream - there will be a joyful event, a pleasant meeting, pleasure. In addition, she can become the owner of good news, gifts, surprises. For men, the dream foreshadows the temptations for which he will go to rash acts. Be careful, your actions can lead to disastrous results.

People's Dream Book

Feel the sweet taste in your mouth in a dream - your perseverance and efforts will allow you to bypass all obstacles in your personal life and in business. Friends will appreciate your actions, and you will become an example to follow. Unpleasant taste of sweetness in the mouth - hurt your loved ones with your thoughtless actions.Look around, you are unfair to friends and family, reconsider your opinion.

Home Dream

Why dream of sweets? In the home interpreter, sweet foreshadows moments of pleasure. Sleeper expects a pleasant pastime in the circle of friends with whom he will visit an entertainment institution. Also, sleep can mean a profit, a win, a large fee for work performed. For women, a dream foreshadows a surprise, an expensive gift. The girl dreams that she was presented a box of sweets, sweets - you should wait for a declaration of love, a marriage proposal. Sweets with a bitter, unpleasant taste - to complete disappointment in a person. But do not be upset in advance. An error may have occurred that should be thoroughly understood. Purchase sweet products in the store - you will be offered a good deal, cooperation. A little thought, you will agree and become the owner of a large reward. The main thing is not to break the law, and everything is in order!

Esoteric dream book

See sweets, buy them in the store - you set goals that are unrealistic. Do not entertain yourself with hopes, give up in advance of a dysfunctional plan.Eat sweet - you overestimate your position, in fact, the situation is too precarious, you can lose what you have at any time. Including the attitude of loved ones. Be engaged in the preparation of sweets - do not be too sophisticated to achieve their goals. According to the esoteric dream book, the sweets that you didn’t treat, means success, profit will be provided.

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