Why do women love money so much?

Many men consider women to be terrible strangers, because we cannot safely walk past a store with clothes and shoes. They believe that women do not know how to save and do not understand anything in finance. Of course, one can resent their bias, but in part they are right. Women love money, and even more they love to spend it. And now you will understand why.

Some of the fair sex perfectly manage finances, and both their own and others. But in the case of purchases, we often give ourselves the will, unable to refuse to buy a new dress. Men do not understand why, when the closet is full of things, you need to buy something else. The thing is that we, women, are differently structured, and we have a completely different attitude to clothes.

For a girl to buy new clothes is to get a lot of joy. It is a pleasure to spend hours shopping, choosing, trying on, and then wearing, and pleasing ourselves and those around us. A variety of outfits gives us confidence.It is possible that the idea that appearing in the same outfit for two days in a row was badly seated firmly in a woman’s head. Therefore, we need a choice. At what looks like a woman, always pay attention. And not only men, but also the most terrible critics in the world, other women. Therefore, you should always look good, and for this, respectively, you must constantly update your wardrobe.

Girls really need more money to take care of themselves. Cosmetics for the face, body, perfume, accessories: bags, glasses, belts. Of course, in the modern world there are a lot of men who will not yield to the abundance of cosmetics, even to the most advanced women in this regard, but they, thank God, are few. No girl will not look good, and the more like men, if not will take care of themselves.

So that many would not say that natural beauty is beautiful, these are just words. What a normal guy like a girl without depilation, with wrinkles, full and not made up. I have not met such. It is clear that we are not all perfect, but to strive for perfection is necessary. Women, this is done with the help of cosmetics and clothing. And only we can do so that no one will know about our shortcomings.

So that men, the next time you resent the money that your beloved spent on yourself, imagine for a moment, whatever it was, no longer looking after yourself. Would you like to walk with such a woman? Or is it better to go hand in hand with a confident, stunning, beautiful, and only your woman. Do not scold us, but love.

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