Why do some people piss us off and what to do about it

My cultural neighbor in turn all this time was clapping eyes and pretending that a couple swear by Yesenin's verses. But her peace quickly came to an end, when the man, pushing us with his elbows, tried to get a parcel - like I could only pick up, I was already standing here. It is logical that the girl had a crisis # vymenibesite, which she could not hide. The impudent offender was sent to the end of the line with all sorts of epithets and with the appropriate person.

And there are a lot of such examples in life, psychologists call this state "irritation - anger". Resentment at another person can sometimes reach such an extent that you cannot control your negative emotions and give them a way out. Doctors say that it is necessary to fight this, but I know for myself how difficult it is, and it seems to me that it is worth fighting not with emotion, but with its manifestation — calmer and without rudeness.

Why do some people piss us off and what to do about it

But the most interesting thing in the other: very often it happens that any person infuriates for no apparent reason.And it irritates only you, and the rest do not notice how this individual is uncultured, dumb, impudent or boastful - choose any quality that is applicable to your case.
A former girlfriend posts too frank photos in an instagram, a colleague at work chews all the time, the boss is stupid and talks in an orderly tone, the guy thinks only of fishing with friends, and not about your going to the theater - and this list can be incredibly long. But it's simple!

We subconsciously envy, or in these objects of our irritation there is something that we fear and suppress these qualities in ourselves. For example, a girlfriend remains unpunished for her frivolous behavior, a boss in high office, and your abilities are not noticed, the chewing girlfriend is fat, but does not diet and spits on all the laws of phytonaceae, the guy finds interesting entertainment without you, and you are bored without it, - continue the list by yourself.
If you dig into yourself, such an explanation can be found to any annoyance. "And now what to do with this?" - you ask.

Learn to see these inner clues, and then fight emotions will become much easier.And it's very possible that you will look differently at some things, and they will not irritate you, but make you laugh or even cause pride, because you are not like that!

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