Why do men cheat on us?

Treason is a problem that a person often has to face. Unfortunately, no one is immune from it. This is a betrayal of a person you love, which is why it brings great pain and changes our lives drastically.

It is difficult to survive betrayal, because it is unpleasant to disappoint in people, especially in those who gave your body and soul. Having learned about the betrayal of a loved one, women can make many mistakes. The first is to blame yourself for everything that happened: I wasn’t a good housewife, I don’t have big breasts and long legs, etc.

Of course, both partners are to blame for the destruction of relationships, but it was the man who crossed the line, so that a sense of personal guilt can only lead to serious psychological problems.

The second mistake inherent in women is the desire to take revenge at any cost. A sense of revenge will not save you from pain, but only further exacerbate the situation.

Having learned about change, do not take any decisions! Of course, you will be in a state of shock and you may even want to kill a traitor.That is why, wait a bit and make a sober head decision about the current difficult situation.

It is clear that it will calm down after you have been "trampled" hard, will be able to help restore balance to sports (better boxing or wrestling), a professional psychologist's advice (you can of course complain about your fate to a close friend, but also from her betrayal, you are also not insured ), changing the situation (it is better to go to another city or country).

“Why did he change me?” - many women ask themselves this question. In each case, their own reasons, but you can try to identify the main ones.

Why is this happening?

1. Love disappeared. When feelings pass, a man can begin the search for a new love on the side. Enjoy this little. It is useless to blame a man for cooling his feelings, because his fault is not so great. It happens! But being angry with him for not immediately admitting that his love has passed, every woman has the right.

2. Changes because I used to do it. This is a very dangerous type of men. For them, every woman becomes another exhibit of the collection.Men of this type simply can not belong to the same girl. For them, the process of treason is important, so they assert themselves.

3. Treason as a means of salvation. It sounds rather strange, but men can really change in order to be saved from their women. More precisely from the constant claims, discontent, complaints, scandals. When a family is in a tense situation, the man wants to quickly run away from her, and not solve problems. Therefore, he finds a woman who idolizes him in every way, or at least does not cause trouble.

4. Unsatisfied sexual life. Erotic fantasies are present in the head of many men. It so happens that they are just too shy to tell their permanent partner about them, or what is worse, by admitting their secret desires, get a hard rejection and condemnation. Fantasies from this do not disappear anywhere, so a man goes to find one that will gladly embody them.

5. Weakness. It is because of her most betrayals occur. Men are not so strong, especially in relationships with women. For example, if a colleague of your husband "put an eye on him", then she will do everything to drag him to bed.Resistance of a man is easy to break, it would be a desire. In a state of intoxication, a man can go on about passion, make a lot of mistakes and then pay for them for a long time.

6. Lack of sex. If, for some reason, a woman refuses a man to have sex, he can "go left." Such adultery is especially offensive if a woman refuses sex not on her own will: pregnancy or illness.

7. Habit. Over the years, partners will know each other completely. For a man everything becomes known and understandable, he knows everything about this woman. A man loses interest and begins to look for new sensations on the side.

8. Social status. For wealthy men of particular age, it is considered prestigious to have a young lover. Thus, they are trying to show everyone that they are capable of circling the head of young girls.

Betrayal will bring you pain, unfortunately this is inevitable. But life does not end there. A strong character and calm mind will help you make the right decision!

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