Why do husbands leave?

Olga Kravchenko
Olga Kravchenko
March 6, 2015
Why do husbands leave?

The departure of the husband from the family is always painful. Women who survived the gap, long tormented by the question of why this happened.

And although all families have their own particular relationships, let us try to highlight the main reasons why husbands leave.

Why men leave the family: reasons

  • Everyone knows the expression "love boat crashed on life." Indeed, men often leave because they are tired of the drab monotonous everyday life with an endless series of household duties. If at the beginning of relations in the first place was romance, then gradually it was replaced by demands, responsibility for the family, routine trips to parents and to the supermarket for groceries. Monotony can kill any love, so it is important to constantly strive for freshness in relationships.
  • Of great importance for men is the appearance and mood of his wife. When women marry, they often relax, stop caring for themselves, grow stout, walk around the house in old pants. There is a danger to stop developing intellectually, to read, to follow the news.But my husband wants to see a beautiful, interesting, cheerful woman next to him. It is necessary to support and develop your femininity by any efforts. This is necessary not only for the husband, but also for herself.
  • Childbirth can also be an indirect cause of the husband’s leaving. Along with the appearance of the baby in the house, besides joy, there comes a tremendous responsibility, care and expenses. There is no free time; the wife completely devotes herself to looking after the child, ignoring the needs of her husband; she no longer has enough money for the usual entertainment.
  • Any man should constantly feel like a winner, he needs to develop and be realized. If in marriage he is constantly reproached, burdened with affairs and problems, his meetings with friends are limited (and this happens too!), Then sooner or later he will start choking and try to break free. Learn to appreciate the interests of her husband, give him freedom, help him grow and develop with him.
  • Oddly enough, adultery is one of the last places on the list of reasons for leaving her husband. It should be understood that more often go not to his mistress, and from his wife. However, no one is immune from the fact that the husband can love another woman and go to her.

A husband may leave for different reasons, but any happy marriage is a union of two free people, ready to communicate and make compromises. If you respect the personal freedom of your husband, try to understand it, diversify your life together, while not forgetting about yourself, then the marriage is much more likely to be long and happy.

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