Why can not sleep near the mirror?

Oksana Vasilyeva
Oksana Vasilyeva
March 30, 2015
Why can not sleep near the mirror?

Many popular signs and superstitions are connected with mirrors. They say that the mirror is broken unfortunately, that it is impossible to eat in front of the mirror, and also it is impossible to sleep near the mirror. To believe in these signs or not - your business, but to understand them still does not hurt. For example, why not sleep near the mirror? What formed the basis of this popular belief? Let's see.

Astral theory

According to the theory of the existence of the astral body, our soul is capable of traveling during sleep. That is, when we sleep, the astral body leaves our physical envelope and travels in time and space. A mirror is able to attract the astral essence. Therefore, it can not just tighten our spirit in the looking-glass, but also permanently captivate it.

A mirror can become not only a cell for the soul, but also a source of fear and stress for it. Thus, having left the physical body, the astral spirit can be reflected in a mirror, be afraid of this reflection and therefore cannot return to the body.In addition, it is believed that the looking glass can become a kind of corridor for the transition of the astral body to another world (another dimension). Therefore, if a person sleeps near a mirror, there is a risk that the soul will not return to the body and the person will not wake up at all.

Feng shui theory

According to the theory of feng shui, the mirror is able to pull out and accumulate positive energy. The sleeping man is defenseless. Therefore, the mirror can become a kind of energy vampire. By the way, many people notice that after sleeping near a mirror they experience lethargy, irritability or apathy.

If a sleeping couple is reflected in the mirror, it is fraught with treason. And if the door to the bedroom is visible in the mirror, then this can provoke family scandals.

Theory of the ancient Slavs

Our ancestors believed that our twins lived in the looking glass. And if a sleeping person is reflected in a mirror, then his twin can simply steal the human soul, as the sleeping person is defenseless and unable to withstand otherworldly forces.

True all this or superstition - you decide. However, the belief that it is impossible to sleep near a mirror exists in many nations. Therefore, it is better not to tempt fate.And if in your bedroom there is still a mirror, then you need to arrange it in such a way that sleeping people are not reflected in it.

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