Who is such a well-groomed woman today?

The generation of today's 30-year-olds still belongs to those who, for the first time, picked up a hairdryer for styling in the 11th grade, and regularly began to go to a manicure and pedicure only in the last year of university. Today, the so-called beauty routine (how beautiful it sounds: both glamorous and businesslike) takes away from us at least an hour and a little each day before work: dry and put hair, flavor them with some means, then proceed to cleaning and moistening skin, put a foundation for make-up, then make up the eyes, lips, fix the effect, powder ...

In general, each girl will have her own abbreviations / additions to this list, but the result is the same: we began to spend much more time (and, as you might guess, money) on her appearance. And we are talking about daily care, which involves the participation of at least ten jars and bottles that are waiting on the shelf in the bathroom. And this is not taking into account cosmetic procedures, massages, tanning salons and other “beauty weapons”.

And now we think out loud: on average, 5,000 rubles once every two or three months for a hairdresser and the same amount for a manicure, but a month, 4,000 rubles for epilation (and that provided you have no “increased vegetation”), 3,000 rubles for eyebrows and half of this amount - on the solarium for the sake of the “light tanning effect”, which supposedly makes your appearance more healthy

And then we consider all these jars, bottles, pencils and bottles that participate in the morning "transformation". Let us recall our mothers, because they didn’t even know anything about the concealer, let alone sculpturing, a healthy glow “earned” themselves in the winter at the rink, and a light tan in the summer at the dacha. What happened to our generation that we began to invest so much in the concept of "well-groomed woman"? After all, now this is certainly not just a washed-up, smoothly brushed and smelling pleasant perfume beauty, but a hairstylist, make-up artist and cosmetician in one face (slightly swollen after sleeping).

kak ukhozhennost prevratilas v novuyu normu

“Everything is good, but she would have to lay her hair beautifully, otherwise this bundle looks as if she just got up from the bed”, or “Such a stylish image, but the skin glitters and varnish on the nails of some experienced”, or “The figure is so feminine, but can not run, you seethat is prone to corpulence and cellulite is about to manifest itself ”- this is how the star exits on the red carpet on the portals of women's publications comment. Let's summarize: everything is fine, but there are not enough pairs of strokes to perfection, and in fact with such money could try. The girls who do not style their hair are recorded as “unkempt”, those who ignore Botox and tons of tones — tired and abandoned themselves (like the Duchess Catherine - “shook up with two young children, but with these wrinkles on their foreheads something do").

The phrase “looks like its age” - the comment is worse than any abusive word, because it means that the main battle is lost, that time is lost and now only under the knife to some specialist with world fame

As long as we vehemently criticize on the web “similar ones,” the British, for example, cosmetic market shows a record growth of 120% over the past three years and continues to grow. While we are watching a video about contouring, someone has already remembered (yes, he remembered, because Marilyn Monroe used this technique) and unleashed strobing - the effect of “wet” skin of the face, which makes it look well-groomed.

kak ukhozhennost prevratilas v novuyu normu 2

And here again this magic word - “well-groomed”, which magically divided modern women into two groups: those who read news about western stars know everything about diets, lamination and hyaluronics, and those who are in a good way.

The former hate the latter to pity: they say, girls do not know how to care for themselves, they do not reveal the secret of how to please men, and they are sitting alone (or unloved by her husband, who exactly changes them). The second ones either don’t look at all at first, for they have no time, or perceive them as psychopaths: how can you spend so much time on this whole circus, which in the evening will have to be washed off and untangled?

The first ones will rather die than go out with a ponytail and nail polish, but the latter, although they consider their hairdresser to be the best interlocutor in the world, sincerely do not know what a highlighter is and where a knit manicure is done, although not averse find yourself some kind of calendar occasion (for example, the upcoming New Year) to get red lipstick and glitter for the body.

And the first will never understand the second in their lives, because today the hypertrophied desire for grooming is a criterion of female success, which is imposed on us at every corner.Professor of Gender Studies at the University of Lancaster, Deborah Ferrday, calls this “manifestation of hyperfeminism” - the search for the ideal feminine version of ourselves, which in the conditions of a modern dynamic and competitive society becomes one of the success factors.

kak ukhozhennost prevratilas v novuyu normu 3

In other words, our diploma, our knowledge, our experience, and with them our body and face are fighting for the best “place in the sun” in our career. And, it seems, the former still win, because, according to research at Boston University, we tend to see a made-up woman not only more attractive, but also more competitive and trustworthy.

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