Who is Baba Yaga?

Evgenia Zimnyakova
Evgenia Zimnyakova
March 20, 2013
Who is Baba Yaga?

Each of us has ever heard or read Russian folk tales. Someone grew up on them, and the images of fairy-tale characters became favorite children's characters, while others were not particularly fond of Slavic mythology. Nevertheless, everyone knows the image of Baba Yaga very well. The image is very bright, emotional, mysterious and still not completely clear to everyone. Who is Baba Yaga? The answer to this question is ambiguous and quite extensive, but we will try to figure it out.

Where did the image of Baba Yaga come from?

Baba Yaga was invented by the ancient Slavs to create their own myths and folklore. Most often it was an old woman, endowed with magical power and a negative character.

We all remember that the house of Baba Yaga stands at the edge of the forest. Hut her on chicken legs, which, if necessary, turns back to the forest, and the guests in front. The house is fenced with human bones on which human heads hang. Baba Yaga flies on a broomstick or in a mortar. It creates quite a terrible picture. But, nevertheless, without Baba Yaga, not a single fairy tale.

There are still many versions of the origin of this image. Someone believes that this is the image of the leading woman who ruled and conjured at the time of matriarchy, which existed in ancient times. Someone bends that this is the pagan goddess of death. Some translate her name - Yaga - as a disease, grief, death. Others say that Yag means pine forest, boron, and she was his keeper.

Multiple images of Russian fairy tales

All fairy tales have a double meaning - open and veiled. The meaning of fairy tales revealed to readers is a struggle between good and evil, which, in general, existed both in ancient times and remains to this day. That is why fairy tales are understandable to all generations. The veiled meaning of fairy tales is hidden in their images, because all images were invented for a reason, and often are archetypes.

There is a widespread belief that Baba Yaga is an image of death. It lives on the border of light and dark, it does not walk on the ground, but only flies, its house is filled with various delicacies, it is surrounded only by bones and skulls. And to the good fellows who get to her, she arranges serious tests, and who passes them, she gives additional opportunities in the future.

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