Who has a pet at home?

Who has a pet at home?

what nickname


I have stafs, a boy and a girl, good, true friends, but I do not like the fact that they all rush at all, if not in a muzzle. Husband brings up, but badly it turns out! We feed Dogma with not expensive food, it is intended for any dog ​​breeds, not expensive and they like it. Order it herehttps://prokormim.ru/shop/dogs/dry-food/dogma/dogma_23904.htmlThe price has arranged us!

Yes, I heard that they are jealous dogs and always protect their master, but how do they treat children?

cat, dog, tortoise land, fish was a parrot .... reached out

I have a cat at home. Name is Maksik.

we have fish!

Fish, and hamster)

My third month is a hamster, my name is Artem)

We have a cat, a cat and a bug live.

A dark blue cockerel fish named Timosha. Terrific sociable and amusing beast, albeit a fish)

son wants a dog, and her husband is allergic (

We want a Golden Retriever, but it is embarrassing that he will most likely be more comfortable in the house, and not in the apartment. And most importantly, during the holidays, who will look after him.Still, for 2 weeks you will not leave the dog alone in the house and you will not give your friends a look, after all a big animal

I have a dog and a cat. Dog's name is Dobi, and the cat Busya, Bublik. As nashkodit, Anatoly Ivanovich))

I now have a spitz-dog, before that there was a cat. I'm much more comfortable with a dog.

I have two paws of a cat, one Persian calling Bunny, another Briton Busya.

We have four people: 2 cats and 2 cats. Varya, Monkey, Marchel, Martyn. None of them were specially purchased, each appeared on his own (someone picked up someone who was hit by a car on the road, someone walked to us, and someone threw them) So they live. Get along among themselves, mice catch on the fly, not whimsical. Eat everything.

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