White spots on the nails

Our skin, nails and hair are indicators of our body's health. When all the organs work like a clock, a person has pink beautiful skin, shiny hair, strong, smooth nails. As soon as any organ fails, it immediately affects the color and condition of the skin, the condition of the hair and nails. If the nails become dull, brittle, bluish or on the nails appear white spots - it's time you listen to the needs of your body.


White spots on the nails cause a lot of aesthetic discomfort, since the visually pigmented nail is perceived as sick and not well-groomed and often we hide such nails under a dark layer of varnish. In doing so, you simply ignore the problem, so if you have white spots on your nails, try to determine the reasons and treatment for yourself first, because nobody knows your body better than you.



Causes of white spots on the nails can be the following:



1. Deficiency of vitamins and minerals, metabolic disorders


2Problems with the nervous system, stress, emotional excitability


3. Problems with the cardiovascular system, kidneys


4. Fungal infection


Most often, the appearance of white spots on the nails indicates a deficiency of certain substances, which is why such white dots can be seen on the nails of children - during the growth period, the correct metabolism is only established. Often, this problem is faced by women who have just given birth. After all, after the birth the body is weakened, since the mother and mother shared the vitamins and nutrients with the baby. Most experts agree that the most common cause of nail stains is an imbalance of vitamins and minerals in the body.


Therefore, if you do not suffer from chronic diseases, and you have no problems with the nervous system, treatment of white spots on the nails can be limited to taking vitamins and minerals. Also, it is not superfluous to balance your diet by filling it with a variety of vegetables and fruits. Pay attention to vitamin complexes with the content of vitamins A, E, C, as well as with the content of zinc, iron and calcium. Many doctors believe that, first of all, the lack of zinc in the body leads to the appearance of white spots on the nails.


If you have white spots on the nails on the background of a sick heart or kidneys, the therapist who you are monitoring should determine the causes and treatment. In this case, white spots an alarm signal about the exacerbation of a disease and vitamin complexes here can hardly be helped, self-treatment is also fraught with the aggravation of the situation. If you lead a healthy lifestyle and do not have any health problems, and white spots appear on your nails - most likely you live in a state of constant stress, often suffer from depressive moods, and experience your failures emotionally.


In this case, you need to seek help from a neurologist, or drink a course of sedative medication, just as the vitamin complex does not put in a nervous exhaustion of the body. When the fungus can also appear white spots on the nails - the causes and treatment in this case, should be discussed with a dermatologist. Usually, if the nail is affected by a fungus, in addition to pigmentation, thickening of the nail is observed, it can become yellow or brownish. Do not attempt to treat the fungus on your own, as any local procedures can only worsen the condition of the nails or bring only temporary relief.Treatment of fungus on the nails is not limited to the use of ointments and creams, as a rule, a dermatologist prescribes a complex of medicines. Often white spots appear due to nail damage. In this case, they do not require a doctor's examination or any treatment, as soon as the nail grows white spot can be sheared.

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