White dress is perfect not only for a wedding (14 photos)

Much has been written about the little black dress, but what can be said about the white dress? Some believe that it is appropriate only for the wedding, others are confident that it is very full. And what really? Let's figure it out!

Who is going to?

Who are the white dresses? It is believed that the white color is full, and there is some truth in this. But to solve all the problems will help correctly chosen style. So girls with appetizing forms can easily afford a white dress.

Girls like him


And some also believe that white is the color of innocence and purity, that is, it does not suit those who want, for example, to seduce a man. But it is not so! White dress can definitely be sexy. Age also does not matter, so in white both young fashionable women and elegant middle-aged ladies can flaunt themselves. Not important and hair color.

The only ones who need to be careful are girls with pale skin. In this case, white can aggravate the problem and just "get lost."But dark-skinned ladies with such a color with this color are favorably underlined.


When to wear?

Of course, it is best to wear a white dress in summer. In it you will be comfortable and not hot. But, having bought a knitted dress of this color, you will be able to wear it in winter or autumn. A knitted dress is an ideal spring variant. So bad weather should not stop you from shining in white.

Always in fashion

How to choose?

Careful about color. It would seem that white is white. But in fact, everything is not so simple, because there are several shades: milky, boiling white and others. The boiling will look just gorgeous and make the image vivid. But the softer tone - a kind of gentle option. But here it is worth being careful, as in some cases white may seem dirty and untidy.

He is friends with the brown

Another important option is fabric. Since white is a very delicate and light color, fabrics should be light. Ideal chiffon, flax, knitwear. Feminine and romantic look silk. Guipure will make you sexy. On white is very romantic and at the same time sexy looks lace. And it is better to refuse heavy and rough materials.

Jacket and shoes

And, of course, the style plays an important role.Here are a few options:

  • Sheath dress is ideal for girls with an hourglass figure. Such a model will emphasize femininity and elegance, but it will not suit the full girls, as everything will show off.
  • A short bustier dress is a squeak of the season. But not everyone can afford this option, but only persons with slender legs and not too wide shoulders (you should not open and flaunt wide shoulders).
  • Dress shirt is the perfect summer option. By the way, it is considered almost universal, as it fits all.
  • Dress in the style of "new look" - a romantic option. The flared hem of such a dress can hide voluminous hips, but at the same time adds volume if it is missing. A slightly overstated waist will hide the bulk tummy.
  • A long dress on the floor looks just gorgeous, but only on tall girls. If nature has not rewarded you with this feature, then just wear high-heeled shoes.
  • White dress A-silhouette fit slender girls.
  • Models of direct cut are dangerous because they can add extra volume, but they will hide excessive thinness.
  • The dress in country style is comfortable and practical.
  • Make the hips more appetizing dress with basque.
  • Knitted dress-T-shirt - a light youth version.

What colors does white match?

Interesting style

What colors can be combined with white? This color is universal, so feel free to choose any shades. Beneficially look bright contrast tandems.

Here are a few win-win combinations:

  • White and green. Fresh and bright.
  • White and blue. Such a tandem resembles the sea.
  • White and red. Passionately and romantic at the same time.
  • White and blue. Gentle and easy.
  • White and coral. Very tender.
  • White and black are classics.

Never combine several shades of this color!

What to wear?


What is wearing a beautiful white dress? For you some successful and bold ideas.

As for clothes, there are several options:

  • Wear a bright blazer or blazer over the tight bustier dress.
  • Do you want a creative? Put on a black leather jacket-leather jacket.
  • On a knitted dress you can put on a cardigan.
  • A red coat will look bright, always covering the hem of the dress or short.

We should also mention the underwear. It would seem that only white can come up, but all designers strictly prohibit wearing it.The only possible option is a beige underwear, which completely coincides in tint with your skin. Everything else will look stupid or vulgar.

Stylish image

When choosing shoes, pay attention to the following options:

  • Sandy or gray heeled sandals or leather or suede sandals.
  • Sandals on a flat sole silver or golden hue.
  • Red stilettos.
  • Choosing boots, prefer shades of brown, they will look in such a tandem very profitable.

Ankle boots are best not to wear with a white dress, they will break the image. It is better to refuse shades of white when choosing shoes, you risk overloading the kit.

Be sure to wear accessories:

  • Bag must be combined in style with the dress. Pay attention to bright or metallic tones. White and black are contraindicated.
  • Bright scarf will be very appropriate and make the image more vivid.
  • Strap contrasting bright colors. Fit both thin and wide.
  • Jewelry must be bright. White perfectly combines both silver and gold.

Helpful Tips


Finally, some tips for real fashionistas:

  • Remember that white gets dirty quickly, so keep it clean.
  • Panties should not stand out.
  • The fabric should not be too transparent, it will look vulgar and vulgar. So when shopping, look through the dress into the light.
  • Do not open too large areas of the body, it went, but do not close everything, you seem to be a good boy. Look for a middle ground.

Be sure to buy a white dress and shine in it!

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Shoes are refreshing

Black and white classics

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