Which swimsuits are suited to everyone?

It is worth reading before the summer of articles on the topic of choosing a swimsuit according to the type of figure, and it seems that someone stubbornly wants to create problems for you and initiate a prolonged headache when all you really want from your swimsuit is to get there together with him to the beach, comfortably settle down on a towel and defiantly do nothing more difficult to build sand castles or self against the background of the sea horizon. Is it then worth worrying if you are an “apple” or a “pear” and choose a swimsuit for yourself as if it were a massive weapon for seduction or a costume for turning into a Barbie doll? In this review, we have collected several diverse, but equally self-sufficient models of swimsuits, which will look cool on any figure due to its original design and artful cut.

Creative cuts

Since the first monokini appeared, and then swimsuits with cuts (look in online stores for the code request cut out one piece), we completely abandoned the idea that a one-piece swimsuit is boring and too sporty.Models in the presence of incredibly many, so choose one is accounted for by the principle "let the incision be on the part of my body that I love more."

Swimsuit Zara

Zara swimsuit (2 799 rubles)

Top and bottom of different models

What could be better than one new swimsuit? Two new! And to be precise, even four. The secret is simple: you buy two separate swimsuits, and then combine the top and bottom with each other in a variety of combinations. You can play with the colors, following the fashionable rules about “white is filling — dark is slim”, or you can simply combine in one set the styles of the bodice and shorts, which are more suitable for your tanning habit.

Swimsuit H & M

Top H & M (999 rub.);swimming trunks H & M (699 rubles)

Intricate back decor

Do you want to choose for yourself an open and seductive swimsuit, but at the same time you are complex about your figure? Then look for a model in which all the sexual detailing will be located on the back in the form of a deep #sexyback “neckline” or the intricacies of the strapless, as if this is not a swimsuit, but an evening outfit, closed in front and indecently open at the back.

TopShop swimsuit

TopShop swimsuit (2 800 rub.)

Bright attractive pattern

As under the law of meanness, swimsuits with the most classy prints are too expensive,and economical brands are lazy to "reinvent the wheel" and cultivate podnadoevshie drawings like anchors or peas. Models with an original print and an adequate price are a rarity, but also an effective investment in beachwear, regardless of your type of figure.

Paolita swimsuit

Paolita swimsuit (15 415 rub.)

Classic Utility Model

Often the key to a good fit in a bathing suit is not even the shape, but the density and quality of the material. When you buy a swimsuit "at a distance" through the Internet, you can not touch and touch a thing, so you have to switch attention to a cut that does not fail to unambiguously - the top in the form of wide triangles on an elastic band that will support and lift any size of the chest, and the bottom "without surprises "Which will not expose more than you would like.

J. Crew swimsuit

J. Crew swimsuit (8 200 rub.)

Top in the form of top on ties

As in the case of the previous model, this swimsuit has a closed top, but only in front, and behind it it does not differ from an ordinary bikini. Correctly matched to fit, this top "collects" the breast and beautifully emphasizes it, although the picture could be called controversial: one it seems cheerful, and the other - too childish.

Mango swimsuit

Swimsuit Mango (3 500 rub.)

Vintage swimsuit body

For all the concerns about his own figure, this swimsuit responds with a feminine cut, which was elevated to the iconic status for another three quarters of a century ago. In such a bathing suit, you will always have to feel a little Marilyn, although you will have to sacrifice a little tan - this model will suit those who swim and relax actively love more than diligently “make” the perfect tan on the beach.

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