Which shampoo is best for oily hair

Which shampoo is best for oily hairAn interesting website knows that it can upset a woman most of all, which gives her a lot of trouble and grief ... Of course, her untidy appearance and greasy, unclean hair, hanging in absolutely unattractive strands. As it is known, healthy, thick and silky hair, which attracts everyone’s attention, makes women beautiful. Of course, oily hair care is tedious, but not hopeless. Experts tend to believe that oily hair is easier to cure than brittle, weak or dry. You just need to know how to properly care for such hair and use special tools. We have already considered which shampoo is better for fine hair, now let's turn to greasy.


Which shampoo is better for oily hair, how often to wash your hair, why are hair oily? These questions are certainly interested in any woman who faced this problem. We will try to give a detailed answer to your questions.


Means for washing oily hair should be selected quite carefully, taking into account the characteristics and structure of the hair, as well as skin type.This shampoo performs not only the role of a simple detergent, but also has a therapeutic effect. Its task is to soften the hair while maintaining the water balance of the scalp, as overdrying the skin can have the opposite effect - to increase the work of the sebaceous glands. Therefore, products for oily hair should contain a minimum amount of nutrients, but the presence of plant extracts is welcome. Herbal shampoos have the most effective effect on hair prone to fat. The composition of shampoos for oily hair should also include a large percentage of detergents designed to free the scalp from excess fat.


Choosing a shampoo for oily scalp hair



More specifically, the question of which shampoo is best for oily hair can be answered as follows: herbal shampoos consisting of nettle extracts, juniper, calamus, horsetail, sage and many other plants are the best way to solve your problem. For example, shampoo with rosemary helps to normalize the activity of the sebaceous glands and reduce oily hair.A good effect in the fight against high fat hair is also achieved when using a shampoo containing tea tree oil. Tea tree oil has a mild drying effect on the scalp, normalizing the fat content of the hair.


Recently, shampoos based on herbs growing in India and China and promoting hair growth and strengthening have become very popular: vasora, root of aegle, henna, indian nard, sandalwood, etc. the reason for their wide popularity.


In the duet with special shampoos it is good to use light moisturizing balms that do not contain nutrients. Such balms make hair more fluffy and prevent the strands from sticking together.


However, which shampoo is best for oily hair, which tool is most suitable for you, you can understand only by experience. We introduced you to theory, and practice is your doing. Try several shampoos and your hair will give you the right answer. In the process of selecting the right shampoo for you, it is advisable to buy it in small packages or disposable bags.


Shampoos "2 in one" is not recommended for people who have hair prone to fat, but as an option for travel, when you need to carry an n-number of various means, it is acceptable.


You should not save on shampoo, and buy cheap funds in liter bottles. It is unlikely that they know what is the division into hair types.

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