Where is Sterlitamak?

Anna Piskunova
Anna Piskunova
April 8, 2015
Where is Sterlitamak?

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One of the main cities for the production of baking soda in our country remains the city of Sterlitamak. Let's see where he is and what else is famous.

Location Sterlitamak

Sterlitamak is located in the Republic of Bashkortostan. It is the second largest in this region (after Ufa). The city stands on the Belaya River, which is a tributary of the large Ural Kama River. On the east side of the Sterlitamak they close the Ural Mountains, in the west the East European Plain begins. The large city of Ufa is located about 120 km from Sterlitamak to the south.

Notable geographical objects in the vicinity of Sterlitamak are shikhans, which are lonely towering hills or hills. Here, it’s as if nature itself tried to line up four famous shikhans in a chain along the Belaya River.

The man-made attraction of these places are the ski resorts and holiday homes, as well as children's camps,in which everyone can find any suitable rest for themselves.

Good transport links and having your own airport make your stay in these places more comfortable. You can also get to Sterlitamak by rail, as well as by road.

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