When to catch crayfish?

Kristina Firsova
Kristina Firsova
February 25, 2013
When to catch crayfish?

According to popular wisdom, crayfish must be caught in the months that have the letter "P" in their name, that is, starting in September. And it is really rational, since approximately from May to August the crabs molt and breed their offspring. At this time, the crayfish are tasteless, and their population during fishing during the breeding season in the following year can be seriously reduced.

Also in many regions, catching crayfish is prohibited, and in some laws restrictions on fishing in certain months are introduced. Crayfish are usually caught in the dark, but if there is a reservoir nearby, where there is clear water and it is shallow enough to see the bottom, you can try your luck during the day. Now you know when to catch crayfish best.

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