When standing up dizzy. Causes and treatment of vertigo

Symptoms will help determine the cause and method of treatment. If you feel dizzy during a trip in transport, do not worry - you just let out a sigh, and as soon as you arrive at the place, all the symptoms will soon disappear. Also, the head may spin due to external factors: extreme heat, outdoor games. All this also quickly passes, as soon as you get rid of the phenomena causing a dizziness (leave a heat in a cool shadow, easy sit down after running around).
Sometimes a feeling of dizziness arises due to low pressure and lack of blood circulation in the brain. Low hemoglobin also causes periodic dizziness. In this case, the doctor will prescribe you the necessary medications and recommend products whose consumption increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood.
Hearing impairment and discharge from the ears during dizziness indicate inflammation of the inner ear. If hearing loss is accompanied by tinnitus, nausea and vomiting, it is likely that the amount of fluid in the inner ear cavity has increased.
If the ear is all right and vomiting is present, the reason for the dizziness may be in the vestibular neuritis. As a rule, the head starts spinning when you try to turn it, as well as during a sharp rise. But if there is severe pain when turning the head, this indicates a disease of the cervical spine.
With one-sided deafness dizziness may be accompanied by noise and ringing in the ears. Faintness (nausea, pallor, blackening of the eyes, rapid heartbeat, an impending sensation of loss of consciousness, "lightness" in the head) signal heart disease. Constant dizziness coupled with a headache is considered a sign of basilar migraine.Even depression accompanies this symptom. True, in the case of mental disorders, dizziness takes on a different, hard-to-describe character (“fog”, heaviness in the head).
Dizziness may also be caused by drugs that do not suit you. If this is the reason, it is better to refuse taking medications, replace them with others.Here, as in all previous cases, one cannot do without consulting a doctor.
In general, treatment of vertigo should begin with a general diagnosis, because the list of possible causes is too large. An internist, neurologist, otolaryngologist will have to undergo an x-ray and magnetic resonance imaging.
Only a doctor can prescribe medications and treatment - you should not experiment on your own. If dizziness is not a symptom of the disease, but a consequence of the age or general weakness of the body, the doctor will advise how to return the tone.During an acute attack of dizziness before the arrival of the ambulance the victim should be put on his back, and on the forehead to make a compress - a cold towel dipped in vinegar. The room must be well ventilated.
General recommendations include reducing salt and caffeine intake, avoiding alcohol and smoking. Also try not to make sudden movements with your head and neck if you have noticed bouts of vertigo.

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