When apricots ripen

When apricots ripen

When apricots ripen

The time when apricots ripen is directly dependent not only on the variety, but also on the region of the growth of apricot trees with their round velvety yellow-orange fruits (the Latin name is Plunus armeniaca, or Armeniaca vulgaris).


This stone fruit with sweet, not too juicy pulp and edible nucleolus, which can be used, as a flavor, in apricot confiture.


Apricot tree was cultivated in China. But the Latin name gives the second assumption that Armenia could have been his homeland (translated by “Armenian plum”). Cultivated these trees and ancient Persians, and Indians, and to Europe were imported by the ancient Greeks already two thousand years ago.


Now this fruit tree is widespread in such post-Soviet countries as Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Abkhazia and others.


In Russia, the leaders in the production of this fruit are Krasnodar Krai and more southern cities, such as Rostov and Volgograd.


Crimea is known for its earliest varieties, for which the most extensive scientific database in the Nikitsky Botanical Garden was created.
If you want to know important information about when apricots ripen in the Crimea, to decide on the procurement of fruits or when choosing seedlings, you can look at the statistical calculations of the research team of Nikita.


When apricots ripen


Apricot can ripen early enough: in the Mediterranean countries this happens in March. And for the south of Russia, the usual month of ripening of the first fruits of apricot is June.


The whole period of ripening of basic varieties (this applies to both Central Asian and Transcaucasian varieties) in the Crimean conditions takes about forty days. The main varieties, based on ripening terms, can be divided into four basic groups:


1. Early varieties, with the first stage of maturation (beginning June 25-July 5). The first group includes only table varieties.


2. Early-medium varieties - ripening in the second stage of the season (July 6-15). These include, in the bulk, only canteens and some canned varieties. For example, most species of the variety Krasnoshchy.


3. Medium-term varieties - ripening in the third stage (July 15-25). This group includes, for example, Pineapple variety.


4. Late varieties - ripening in the fourth stage (since July 25).


Under this list you can find out when apricots in Krasnodar ripen, as the climate difference with the Crimean peninsula, especially in the zone of its active farming and horticulture, is insignificant.


And for the conditions of Central Asia, such periods will come almost a month earlier than in the Crimea, in the south of Ukraine, the North Caucasus or in Armenia. For mountainous regions, the distribution of ripening is characterized by two zones: the upper zone (a month later ripens) and the lower one (in the valleys, the apricot ripens earlier).


The time when fruits of different sorts are ripening is also directly dependent on various external factors, for example, such as:

  • geographical position;
  • meteorological state;


When apricots ripen

  • the soil;
  • irrigation systems;
  • fertilizer.


And internal factors - for a specific tree:

  • age;
  • health;
  • power of growth;
  • harvest strength.


The European word "apricot" came from the Catalan language, having got into it from Arabic, transformed from Latin: "praecoquus" means "early maturing".

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