What will be the fall of 2016 in Russia and Ukraine according to weather forecasts of weather meteorologists

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What will be the fall of 2016 in Russia and in Ukraine can be found on the preliminary forecasts of weather forecasters. Employees of the meteorological center do not promise any disasters and claim that all temperature indicators will not exceed the average standards. The only not quite typical moment is longer than usual “Indian summer” in Moscow, but this can hardly be attributed to minuses or force majeure circumstances. Rather, it is a nice bonus, which nature in 2016 will delight residents and guests of the Russian capital.

What will be the autumn of 2016 in Moscow - the opinion of weather forecasters

Warm, with an average amount of precipitation - this is what will be the fall of 2016 in Moscow, according to weather forecasters. The traditional “Indian summer” will start somewhat earlier than usual and will be delayed a little longer in the capital. It will wait only by the end of September, and this trend will continue throughout almost the whole of October.November will demonstrate all the “charms” of the weather and “freeze” the residents and guests of the capital with a stable subzero temperature, gusting winds and small prickly snowflakes, flying briskly through the spacious streets and avenues in the face of passersby.

What will be the fall of 2016 in Russia according to the forecast of the weather center


For anyone who is interested in what will be the fall of 2016 in Russia, the weather center has already prepared a preliminary forecast. According to the information of meteorologists, significant differences from similar periods of previous years are not expected. In early September, a cool cyclone will come to the central regions of Russia with light, short-term rains. The average daily temperature will drop to + 18 ° C and rise only in the second decade of the month, when the traditional “Indian summer” will be established throughout the country.

In October, according to the forecast of the weather center, it will sharply become colder in almost all northwestern and central federal districts of Russia. The overall temperature level in the second month of autumn will drop to + 10 ° C, and in some areas to + 6 ... 8 ° C. At the end of the month there will be heavy rains everywhere, passing into wet snow.Moderately warm (up to + 15 ° C) and clear only in the southern regions of the country.

November will meet the Russians in a truly winter weather. In many regions, the first snow will fall, while in the northern part of the state the thermometer will drop to -15 ° C and for a long time will cease at this impressive mark.

What will fall in the Urals in 2016 - the weather forecast of the hydrometeorological center


Autumn in the Urals in 2016 will be the same as usual. Weather forecasters do not suggest any temperature fluctuations that are not typical for this season. In September, the number of clear days slightly exceeds traditional norms, but a rather rainy and gloomy October compensates for this pleasant natural bonus. November will begin with frosts and periodic snowfalls, and will end with very low temperatures, regular precipitation and gusty winds, forcing passers-by to raise collars and tighten up in fur coats, coats and jackets.

What will be the autumn of 2016 in St. Petersburg - a preliminary weather forecast


Forecasters are already trying to predict what will be the fall of 2016 in St. Petersburg. According to their data, based on statistics for an 8-year period, the meteorological situation is most accurately determined by the word - fickle.Almost from the first days of September a beautiful, moderately warm “Indian summer” will be established, which will last at least two weeks. By the end of the month it will sharply turn cold, and intensive almost daily rains, probably, will provoke a flood. In October, a stable overcast weather will set in, only occasionally alternating with clear days. November winds the wet snow, and the road will cover a thin crust of ice. Cold nights with frosts will become quite commonplace, clearly indicating that winter is just around the corner.

What autumn 2016 will be in Ukraine according to weather forecasts - the latest news


Moderately warm, with a reasonable amount of precipitation and without sudden temperature changes - this is what the 2016 weather forecast for autumn 2016 will be. It is assumed that September will still please with high temperatures and throughout the country during the day it will be from +21 ° C to + 24 ° C. In the southern regions, thermometers will demonstrate even more attractive performance. In Kherson, Nikolaev and Odessa regions, the air warms up to + 25 ... 27 ° C and this situation will last almost until the end of September. Of course, it will not do without rainy, gloomy days, but, according to the weather center, there will be much less of them than in the Russian capital Moscow at the same time period.Strong winds are not expected and the transition from summer to autumn will take place gently, calmly and painlessly.

October “scares” the first frosts, but in general the temperature will not go beyond the average indicators that are traditional for the second autumn month. In the south, the heat lasts a little longer, in the center and in the north during the day the mercury column will slide to the mark + 10 ... 14 ° C, and at night - to + 3 ... 7 ° C.

In November, the bad weather will turn. The sun will hide behind dense gray clouds, and a slight slanting rain in the north-west will go into sleet. Frosty notes will be clearly felt in the air and you will have to get warm waterproof jackets and hats from the mezzanine, without which it will be extremely uncomfortable and cold outside.

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