What can tourist do in Bruges?

In search of a picturesque place for an interesting holiday, it is impossible to ignore the Belgian city of Bruges - one of the most beautiful in Europe, which has preserved its medieval charm to this day. The Belgians themselves proudly call it the “Venice of the North”, and for good reason, because several important water arteries run through it.

And despite the fact that many consider it gloomy and unremarkable, true tourists know how to notice lovely, gingerbread houses, buildings, romantic beauty of the water surface, along which swans swim and medieval architecture, enticing with its riddles.

Harmony of the past and present

At the time of its prosperity in the Middle Ages, the population of Bruges was more than 200 thousand inhabitants. But over time, it has decreased significantly, and today there are only 45 thousand. But this does not prevent the city from being an important economic center. This is often visited by tourists traveling from Brussels for just one day.Although local residents claim that this time is not enough to see all the beauty.

The entire Old Town is under the protection of UNESCO, as a historical value. Here you can see the beautiful houses of merchants, built of red brick with wooden facades, interesting buildings with many figures of animals and birds. But those places that you definitely need to see.

  1. Market Square. This is a favorite place for recreation and meetings of locals and tourists. Its main decoration is the Belfort watchtower, from which you can admire the city. The observation deck, by the way, is located at an altitude of 110 meters. In the period before the Christmas holidays, a grand fair is held on the square, where you can buy food, gifts, souvenirs, try different yummy and have plenty of fun at the rink.
  2. Area Burg. It is located next to the Market Square. Here, too, have something to see. First of all, the building of the town hall, built according to all the canons of the Gothic style. And in the courthouse you can see a unique collection of paintings, statues and other valuables of many historical figures.
  3. Church of Our Lady.This is the main temple in Bruges, captured in the photo. He gained special popularity also because it contains a unique sculpture of the Virgin Mary with the Child, the works of Michelangelo himself.
  4. Minniveter. This artificial lake is the most romantic place in the city. In the park that surrounds it, lovers, families with children and old people, enjoy peace and comfort with pleasure. Here you can see and feed the swans, which are a symbol of the city.
  5. Chocolate Museum. Staying on vacation in Bruges, it is impossible to avoid museums, because they really have a lot. One of the most interesting is dedicated to the sweet delicacy. During the excursion you will be told about the secrets of turning cocoa beans into the usual tiles, and you will certainly be given sweets.
  6. Museum of French Fries. This is a one-of-a-kind museum in which you will be told about how a potato came to Belgium, about its varieties, and also show unique photos of old fryers. In addition, you can learn the secrets of cooking the most delicious French fries and sauces, with which its taste will be simply divine.But going down to the cafe, you can even try this gastronomic splendor.
  7. Lace Museum. Walking through the Old Town, on many windows you can see the extraordinary beauty of lace curtains. In the 16th century these products of local craftsmen were purchased for the noble houses of Belgium. The exhibition has various types of them, and you can buy Flemish lace in the souvenir shop attached to the museum.
  8. Beer Museum. What can a traveler who is tired of a long excursion to historical places do? Of course, go where you can relax. And in our case it's the Beer Museum. This is the last of the previously existing breweries, located in the heart of Bruges. Here you will be introduced to the process of brewing and will give the opportunity to taste the famous Belgian beer.

Each street and house in Bruges is already in itself a work of art, which can be admired for a very long time. Calm, peace and spiritual enrichment - that's what tourists are looking for in this Belgian town.

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