What to give to the statement?

The birth of a child is a long-awaited event and a great joy in the family. Therefore, all relatives and friends begin to think what to donate to the discharge from the hospital. As a rule, in such cases, the gifts are divided into two main categories - for the baby and for the mother.

In this article, we will advise you on the best options for gifts on discharge.

Baby Gifts

Most often, an extract from the hospital give gifts to newborns. In the first place among them all kinds of toys and clothing. This is a win-win situation, since such things are unlikely to be ignored. You can pick up both toys for newborns and for an older child. The clever mother will hide them until the time when it will be possible to interest the baby with a new toy. This category also includes children's picture books, etc. But if you are a person close to your family, this means that you will have to give gifts to your child in the future. In this case, it is better to pick up the presents by age. The same applies to clothing.

Recently, original ideas with diapers have become very popular.Pampers are made into strollers and even cakes, which at first glance are no different from real ones. Such a gift will not only amuse everyone in the family, but it will also be very practical: there are not so many diapers!

You should buy a real stroller for a child only if you are his father. Or you should discuss your gift with the parents of the baby in advance. As a rule, everything is ready for his birth, so the essentials can already be bought. But you can buy a beautiful bed set for a child that will never be superfluous.

A family or (even better) children's photo album will also be a good idea. It is possible to post a photo by age. And it will be very interesting for a child to later study photos with him of different years.

Gifts for Mom

Newly mothers very often have to drastically change their wardrobe due to changes in body shape and weight. Therefore, they can give new clothes and underwear a couple sizes larger. Of course, it is not necessary that the gift for discharge from the maternity hospital be directly related to this event. If you know the baby’s mother well, you can give her everything she loves - from perfume and cosmetics to home furnishings.

Husbands often prefer to give their wives an extract of expensive jewelry. It can be a ring or earrings made of gold, with diamonds and other stones - it all depends on the taste of the wife and financial possibilities. Often, happy spouses are even ready to present their long-awaited car to their half: in their new position, a woman, for their reasons, needs it more.

It is also customary to give flowers to the statement. But not all women in labor tolerate their smell, so it is better to know in advance about such nuances. In addition, often decorate the apartment with balloons and posters with words of gratitude. And the main gift for discharge from the hospital will be attention and care for the woman and her baby.

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