What to give for a wooden wedding?

Elena Sobol
Elena Sobol
November 30, 2012
What to give for a wooden wedding?

The five-year anniversary of living together in the people is called a wooden wedding. Spouses really have something to note, since behind them they have a long period of time spent together. If you believe the statistics, most divorces are in the first five years of marriage.

If some sources are to be believed, then this anniversary got its name due to the fact that during this period the couple is trying to build not only personal relationships, but also their home, and the main material in house building is wood. Proceeding from this, it becomes clear why the five-year anniversary received such a name - this is the foundation for the next years of living together. Do not forget that the comfort, warmth and fire in the hearth is supported by wood.

You can also associate that wood is a pair relationship that you should constantly work on so that they are stable and durable; fertility, growth, new peaks and horizons.So what to give for a wooden wedding

Before the guests invited to celebrate the first anniversary, the question that can be given for a wooden wedding is acute. Only without panic - the choice of gifts for a wooden wedding is rich. Since it is customary to give wooden products to a wooden wedding, turn your imagination on and on: they can be figurines, jewelry boxes, furniture and interior items, dishes, paintings, frames for family photos, a living tree, since this day is the best reason for the spouses to plant together tree etc. All this can be bought in the store or made to order, so that the gift is original and unique.

Before you finally decide what you are giving for an anniversary, look at what trends are in fashion today. For example, today such a trend as feng shui is very popular. As a gift, you can buy souvenirs symbolizing love, health, luck, wealth, etc., which not only decorate the interior, but also bring benefits to their owners. If you and your spouses have been friends for a long time, then remember what hobbies and hobbies they have, it is always pleasant to receive as a gift things that can be useful in your favorite activity.

Wooden wedding: what to give to his wife

You can give a beautiful set of kitchen utensils for a wooden wedding to your wife: a dish, salad bowls, plates, pots, glasses, breadbaskets, etc. If your faithful loves coffee, then you can give her a manual wooden coffee grinder. She will also be pleased to receive handmade flowers, wooden decorations or a wooden jewelry box.

Wooden wedding: what to give to her husband

A loving spouse may purchase an original sculpture, cufflinks, a laptop stand, a coffee table, a spoon, a wooden mug, sawed engraving and a declaration of love, etc. as a gift for her husband for an anniversary.

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