What to feed a kitten?

As a rule, we take on the kittens at the age of 1 month. But it also happens that it is not our fault that the kitten is already cut off from the mother's cat in a week or two of its life and asks for help in the stairwell or on the street.

What to feed a kitten up to a month

First of all, you need to know how to care for your kitten properly, and to ensure proper nutrition, in which the formula will prevail. Often it is dripped from a pipette or syringe without a needle. If you can find a nursing cat, give her kitten to her care. Cats always accept strangers kittens. Cat milk replacer for newborn kittens can be purchased at a veterinary pharmacy. Cow milk of a newly born kitten cannot be fed in any way! It does not have that amount of proteins and fats, which the kitten needs so much for full development. In addition, there is a lot more milk in cow's milk than in cat's milk, which will lead to violations of the kitten's digestion and immunity. A kitten may develop rickets. And if you have already taken a kitten with rickets (crooked legs and narrow breast), then only one cup of cat milk will fix everything and restore the strength of the baby.

Rules for feeding newborn kittens

Every two hours you need to feed the kitten with milk from a bottle with a nipple, pipette or syringe without a needle. Let the milk be slightly warmer than room temperature. When the kitten turns 2 weeks old, it can be fed already with a break of three hours, and at 3 weeks - with a break of four hours. One person to cope with the baby is quite difficult. In order for the kitten to get the necessary nutrition and grow up healthy, connect the whole family to business, distribute the hours of feeding.

How to feed a kitten: 1 month

As soon as the kitten is 1 month old, he can safely stand the night without feeding. From this point on, it is time to gradually accustom the kitten to solid food. Milk on the fifth week to give in the same amount, as well as feed the "baby" canned food - 1 tablespoon of feeding, and the kitten is full. Well, if you add some water to the canned food and mix the mixture. The temperature of canned food - room. From the sixth week, reduce the amount of milk. And in the eighth week, the kitten will no longer need to give special milk. From now on, diversify your baby's diet: give him some finely chopped boiled chicken or beef, heart, liver.If you give boiled fish, carefully clean it from bones. You can teach a kitten to a little boiled vegetables: rub them on a grater. But not all kittens will agree to eat them, watch the kitten's reaction to a new food, it is impossible to force something to eat!

How to feed a month old kitten: rules

The number of meals is reduced, and the serving size increases. Do not forget a very important point - water! Clean drinking water should always be given a kitten from 1 month. Water needs to be changed daily. For water, the bowl should be comfortable and moderately deep so that the kitten is not choked in it. To the kitten began to drink water, he needs to show what is in the bowl. Run a wet finger on his nose. If you notice that the kitten is suffering from loose stools, significantly reduce cow's milk in the diet. That's about how to feed the monthly kittens.

How to feed a kitten: 2 months

If you have decided to feed the kittens with dry granulated food, then you can begin to do it in just two months. Feeding mode: morning and evening. In that case, if you only took a kitten at 2 months, you need to ask the previous owners what they fed the kitten.And within 7 days you need to very slowly and carefully change his diet, if you want.

Important points:

  1. Whole cow's milk is best not to give the kitten. Better feed him with sour cream, 10% cream, ryazhenka, cottage cheese or yogurt. By the way, goat milk is ideal for kittens.
  2. No sausage kitty!
  3. If you give eggs, then only the yolk. Protein eggs do not give! Although, if the kitten suffers from liquid stool, then the protein of the chicken egg will help to fasten it.
  4. If the kitten loves vegetables and fruits, then feed it, but not in salted and pickled form.

Feeding purebred kittens

How to feed a British kitten

A sufficient amount of protein is important for all cats. And the difference of the British is that they more than others need calcium and phosphorus. Choose natural products:

  • Beef in boiled and finely chopped form or in the form of raw minced meat. To kill the larvae of worms, deep-freeze the meat, and then very slowly thaw it to room temperature. 30 grams of meat will be enough for a British kitten.
  • Sea lean fish in boiled form, carefully cleaned of bones.
  • Dairy products and vegetables as well as other kittens.

How to feed a Fold Scottish kitten

  • Finely chopped boiled chicken without skin. Meat can also be given to beef. If you want to give it raw, pre-freeze for 3 days, and then slowly thaw. Pork is also contraindicated, as well as fresh fresh meat.
  • Ryazhenka. Kittens especially love Agush dairy products. Sour milk products are just necessary Scottish kitten! It is good to use in feeding bifidok, bifilyuks or bifilife.
  • Quail egg yolk will quickly raise the pet's immunity. But you can give it no more than 1 time per week.
  • Dry food is better to give a little, always good natural food. For this breed of kittens should choose food that does not contain a lot of calcium.
  • Contraindications: raw fish, turkey or chicken; pork and lamb in any form is prohibited; cow milk, sour cream, butter; cheap feed Kikikat, Friskas, Whiskas; everything is spicy, salty, fatty and sweet, as it has a very negative effect on the health of the kitten's liver. And fish should be given only as a treat, very rarely.

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