What to do if you have a cough during pregnancy

If a runny nose or cough develops during pregnancy, you should immediately consult a doctor. Even the most innocuous methods of treatment, which the majority of the population uses at home, without consulting a specialist, can harm the child.
During pregnancy, you can not use chemical drugs. They are prescribed by a doctor if the benefit to the mother outweighs the potential harm to the child. In no case should you use antipyretic drugs, aspirin, analgin, diphenhydramine, paracetamol. You can not apply the warming procedure, take cough pills and drip the nose vasoconstrictor drops.
Any medication can cause pathological abnormalities in the development of the fetus. It is especially dangerous to take any chemicals in the first trimester of pregnancy when all vital organs are formed and laid.Acceptance of painkillers and antipyretic drugs causes toxic teratogenic reactions, which leads not only to the abnormal development of internal organs, but also causes functional abnormalities in the development of the nervous system of the fetus.
In later periods, medication and heating procedures can cause miscarriage.
A pregnant woman who has a cough, can take tea with raspberry jam, it is also recommended to drink plenty of liquids, hot milk with soda or fat, potion with thermopsis and spring root. You can dissolve 2 tablets of thermopsis in the form of tablets in a glass of water, take liquorice tincture. You can drip menthol oil into your nose.
Even harmless at first glance, herbal coughing during pregnancy should be taken only on doctor's prescription. The same applies to bee products.
A pregnant woman should take care of the preservation of the child, as well as about his health, so do not need self-treatment. At the first signs of the disease should consult a doctor.

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