What if the guy does not pay attention?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
September 7, 2011
What if the guy does not pay attention?

Love and relationships between people is an endless topic of controversy. Philosophers and thinkers of the whole world in the whole history of mankind have not been able to unravel the secret of the happiness of two people - men and women. To many, this understanding comes during their life together. To someone, this understanding never comes. What to do if the ship of your relationship has flowed? How to keep the love and attention of a loved one? Let's think about it together. So:

What if the guy pays no attention?

All the trick is hidden in deliberate inattention to you. He does not pay attention because he wants to receive attention from you. Paradoxically, but often it happens. People, for the most part, are subjected to other manipulations in order to achieve some of their goals. What to do in this case? Do you give in to provocations? Yes, in order to preserve your relationship, you need to succumb to provocations. Unfortunately, otherwise you can lose the relationship. It is known that evil begets evil.So in this case, inattention gives rise to inattention. Talk to the person about it. Ask him directly, and not through intermediaries, that he was forced to behave like this. We are more than confident that such behavior on your part will clarify the crisis of relations and they will move to a new level of qualitative development.

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