What to cook delicious on March 8?

A beautiful and bright day on March 8, when any woman, girl and even a little girl should be surrounded by special care and attention, it is on such a day that the fair sex should feel free and at ease.

In each family, the celebration of the International Women's Day takes place in its own way, but every mistress is sure to try to treat her households with something tasty and unusual on such a day.

Cooking for this holiday is necessary with love

Waking up from a long and cold winter, finally, overcoming the cold and bad weather, so you want to feel the warmth of spring, its lightness and freshness. To fill with such light notes the whole length of the day, it is necessary to pay special attention to every detail of the holiday, and especially to the holiday table!

Of course, the most pleasant thing is when your beloved man will take up the creation of a festive menu, but if he is not a master of culinary delights, you can start the cooking process together.

May you be the chef today,who will direct and coordinate the actions of his apprentice! But in order for the process to really enthrall and delight you both, you need to think carefully about what you can cook for the holiday on March 8, because you want and tasty, and uncomplicated and unusual!

Meals should be festive.

It is important to choose such dishes that will look presentable on the festive table, for example, fried potatoes or a bowl of borsch here just does not fit.

We decided to offer you a list of a variety of non-banal dishes that can decorate any feast, as well as delight with its subtle and light taste, however, as well as the theme of the holiday itself.

Salad Recipe "March 8"

To prepare you will need:

  • crab sticks or crab meat - 100 g;
  • boiled shrimp - 400 g;
  • eggs - 3 pcs .;
  • bulb - 1 piece;
  • hard cheese - 50 g;
  • greens, sweet pepper (for decoration);
  • light mayonnaise.

Clean the onion, cut into small cubes, then scald for 1 minute with boiling water and then immediately with cold water. This simple manipulation is done so that the onions do not give bitterness in the salad.

Then prepare each ingredient in a separate container: rub the cheese on a small grater, boil the eggs and crush the yolk separately, separately the protein.

That's how you can decorate salads

The final ingredient crab sticks are also cut into a separate container in small cubes. Now the most interesting thing is that the salad will be laid out in layers, which will be in the form of a large number “8”. To do this, choose a sufficiently large and flat dish, we begin the formation of the first layer, which consists of cheese covered with a layer of mayonnaise. The next level is an onion, which is also covered with a thin layer of mayonnaise.

The third level - lay out boiled shrimp (you can crumble, if they are very large) and again soaked with mayonnaise. The final level - crab sticks, soaked in mayonnaise. Remember, your salad should not "swim" from a large amount of mayonnaise, try to use it moderately.

In order for the eight to lay out it was easier, you can put 2 glasses, around which you will lay a salad. On top of the dish is crushed with protein and yolk, greens and small rings of sweet pepper. What can be best complemented by a delicious spring salad on March 8? Of course, an extraordinary dessert!

Recipe mousse "For lovely ladies"

The light and airy structure of this dish follows directly from its name, which translates as “foam”.For the first time the dish appeared in France in the XVII century, after which half of the society took possession of the universal love.

Sweet treat

The method of preparation is simple, and the recipe does not require any special ingredients from you, but at the same time, it turns out a very tender and pleasant dessert. So, you will need:

  • berries (any, it is possible from a freezing - raspberry, strawberry, cherry) - 400 g;
  • powdered sugar - 100 g;
  • eggs - 3 pcs .;
  • lemon juice - 1 tbsp. a spoon;
  • cream (fat content of 33%) - 200 ml;
  • Strawberry or raspberry liqueur - 2 tbsp. spoons;
  • gelatin - 2 plates.

If the berries are fresh, then leave a few large and beautiful specimens for decoration. If you use large berries, for example, strawberries, to prepare a dessert, then it must be cut and then soaked in a mixture of liquor and lemon juice.

Enough 15-20 minutes, so that the berries are saturated with a special scent. Then carefully chop the berries with a blender. Prepare in advance the gelatin prescription, which is written on the package. Then we proceed to create the air mass: we separate the yolks from proteins, we only need the latter. Beat them together with half the powdered sugar with a mixer until a fluffy foam is formed.

The remaining sugar is whipped with cream, and the swollen gelatin is added to the blender mashed berries, all gently mixed with whipped cream and whipped proteins. The final stage is the packaging of the mousse obtained in pretty vases and kremankah, it is desirable that they are transparent.

Then we send the finished mousse to a cold place until it solidifies. When serving at one hundred, the top can be decorated with berries, which we left at the very beginning. Salads and desserts are certainly tasty and good, but you will not be full of such dishes, but a hot dish is always a welcome guest of any feast!

Pork recipe with prunes

For the preparation we need:

  • pork (tenderloin) - 800 g;
  • prunes - a little less than a glass;
  • salt, pepper, olive oil.

It is important to choose such prunes, so that it is slightly sour, fragrant, then the dish will be very appetizing. Fill the glass with prune with boiling water and set it aside.

At this time, wash the pork, cut it into small pieces, which in size will be slightly more prunes. Reheat the frying pan and olive oil well on it, and then spread the pork and let it fry lightly.

Without meat anywhere

When it is covered with a light crust, you can reduce the fire, then salt and pepper myasco to taste. At this time, drain the water from the prunes and send it to the pork, fry.

Then we pour a glass of hot water into the frying pan and continue to extinguish the pork until ready. You can serve such a dish with boiled or baked potatoes, another option is to cook grilled vegetables, which have recently become quite a popular side dish.

As you can see, in such tasty and interesting dishes there is nothing difficult, so any man can cook such a wonderful gift for mother or his girlfriend on March 8 without special efforts and time costs!

Who knows, maybe working on such an interesting menu, culinary talents will open up in your favorite man, and, as you know, it is the strong half of our society that is able to prepare real masterpieces and become the best chefs.

By the way, a seafood salad can be replaced with a similar one with chicken, where it becomes a kind of substitute for shrimp and crab sticks. And for those who are not lovers of stewed pork, we can recommend to bake it in the oven - both tasty and healthy!

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