What salads are required?

If you have a party, a celebration, guests, then what salads will you cook first?
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Kusa Tsarapa
Kusa Tsarapa
Answered on December 6, 2014 08:47
It all depends on the time of year and type of event. If it is a cold time and you plan to have a feast in the room, then I make Salads from crab sticks, Olivier, with different beans for salads. In the summer, and in nature, perfect Fresh, Greek (especially he), fresh seasoned with sour milk ... In general, when the heat makes light salads, and when it's cold, more heavy and nourishing. Although no-quite often we prepare Mimosa in the summer, but it’s fishy - it goes well at any time of the year. )) Only now if we are going to go on a picnic, you definitely will not take it with you. And of course I try to have fruit salads at any time of the year (fruits vary). In the summer I fill with sugar syrup, and in winter with yogurt.
Answered on April 1 03:57
Olivier, herring under a fur coat - these are the first and obligatory salads on any occasion.

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