What pipe to choose for water supply

What to consider when choosing a pipe

The modern market offers a wide range of products, differing in the material used, operating conditions and service life. Therefore, it is worth reviewing all possible pipe variants, their pros and cons, in order to be weighed up to decide on a purchase.

First of all, you should understand which parameters you should pay attention to when choosing a pipe for water supply:

  • reliability and durability;
  • expected service life;
  • ability to withstand high pressure and temperature drops;
  • parameters of pumping equipment;
  • complexity in installation.

During the selection of the pipe is of great importance the material from which it is made. Pipes are conventionally divided into universal, which can be used in almost any sphere, and narrowly focused with a limited scope. The first type includes pipes made of copper or steel, the second type often includes various types of plastic.

You should also pay attention to another necessary condition - the size, namely the diameter and length of the purchased pipe. You can determine the necessary indicators based on the following characteristics of the future water system:

  • water pressure;
  • system length;
  • number of turns and joints.

Given these requirements, you should understand that you should not chase after cheap materials when you plan to make a good plumbing. Attempting to save on the material or diameter of products will not lead to anything good. On the contrary, the risk of rapid deterioration of communications and the appearance of additional expenses covering the elimination of the consequences of accidents increase.

Steel pipes

In the manufacture of pipes used black or galvanized steel. The strength of these pipes is quite high, but the production of such products is not widely used.

The undoubted advantages of such pipes include an excellent degree of resistance to mechanical stress and high water pressure. Communications made of black steel do not deteriorate due to temperature changes. And in the case of galvanizing, they are reliably protected from corrosion.Manufacturers indicate a service life of up to 50 years.

At the same time, there are drawbacks that significantly reduce the demand for these products. Firstly, the internal walls of pipes may eventually become covered with bloom, which will impede the passage of water and significantly reduce its quality. Secondly, steel is a good conductor of electricity, which can also have a negative impact on people's health. And in a thunderstorm can even be dangerous. Thirdly, condensate is an unpleasant feature of such products. In addition, installation of the structure will necessarily require special skills and tools.

Advantages and disadvantages of copper pipes

Copper belongs to the most durable materials, the operation of which does not cause much difficulty. Pleases and service life in comparison with other options - 70 years. The main advantages of this metal include high rates of strength and resistance to temperature fluctuations. Copper pipes will give the plumbing a decent appearance, which is able to successfully perform a decorative function in solving design problems.

We should also note the positive impact of this decision on human health. Copper is considered resistant to various chemical influences and the creation of hazardous compounds.It does not form chlorine compounds that adversely affect the quality of drinking water. Thus, water supply in copper pipes is considered the standard of reliability and safety.

One of the most significant drawbacks of this choice is the high price. This leads to a shortage of such goods on the shelves of hardware stores and markets. The second difficulty is the need to involve third-party specialists in the installation of the copper system. Another important nuance is that this metal requires preliminary cleaning of the system and special welding in order to fully justify its advantages in the future.

Pipes from metal-plastic

These pipes consist of several layers of plastic on a solid, helical or perforated metal frame. It is believed that the plumbing system of metal and plastic is suitable mainly for gardening. For private houses or apartments to use pipes from such material is unreasonable.

According to research, the metal-plastic product has a number of undoubted advantages:

  • stability at temperatures up to 75 degrees;
  • the ability to do the installation by hand using special fittings;
  • the pipe can be bent easily if necessary;
  • this option can be chosen by planning the installation of a hidden water supply network under the ground;
  • low cost of material.

However, along with the advantages, it is important to note a number of significant drawbacks of this choice. These include low frost resistance, as well as insufficient strength in the joints. Fasteners will require periodic tightening of connections in the thread. Their replacement will require additional financial investments, since the cost of connecting elements is rather high.

The service life of a plastic pipe is 35 years. Therefore, it is irrational to choose such pipes for water supply in private residential ownership (house or apartment).

Plastic pipes

In recent years, the arrangement of water supply and heating systems using plastic has become increasingly in demand. The main reason for such popularity is that this material has the majority of the advantages of expensive analogues in combination with an affordable price. Plastic pipes may vary in composition.Moreover, its main varieties are:

  • polypropylene;
  • polyethylene;
  • polyvinyl chloride (or PVC).

The first of the presented plastic modifications is resistant to 90 degrees and its service life is up to 50 years. Unlike metal-plastic, its connections are tight enough to do without regular tightening and repair during operation.

Polypropylene composition has one feature that should be considered in the process of use - it is deformed when heated. The difference is up to 15 cm per 10 meters length. This feature does not impose any restrictions on the use of such pipes for cold water. However, if you plan to put very hot water into the pipe, reinforcement will be required. It is recommended to use fiberglass for this, minimizing the deformation. Alternatively, you can use aluminum or other metals, but the quality will decrease.

Another modification of plastic pipes is polyethylene. Thanks to him, communications are distinguished by high frost resistance, so they are used for wiring ground communications.According to them you can put cold water, which when freezing does not damage the coating. And due to the high density of the product is often used for hot water.

Polyethylene can be crosslinked and normal. In the first case, the installation is possible without the use of a welding machine. In the second case, it is a necessary element for assembly. This material is very flexible, which simplifies the work of the master plumber. The disadvantages include the fact that cross-linked polyethylene is less affordable.

Inexpensive, but practical option is considered plastic PVC pipe. It refers to the universal types of plumbing equipment. It maintains durability whether it is cold or hot. At the same time, an experienced plumber will not forget to warn that, due to the high chemical activity of PVC, it can release harmful substances into the water.

How to choose a suitable pipe

To make a decision, it is necessary first of all to determine exactly where the pipes will be used - in the house, apartment, in the country, underground or on it. Will the pipe be supplied exclusively with cold water, or should the temperature of the hot water be taken into account.It is necessary to take into account the length of the pipeline, the diameter, how many joints and bends will be in the structure.

Not in the last place is the financial issue - not everyone can afford high-quality copper pipes. But an attempt to save on the material may further lead to additional expenses. Therefore, treat the purchase with full responsibility - quality pipes will serve for many years, so invest in your future.

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