What outfit to wear for a winter wedding if you are a guest?

If you were invited to a wedding, then you probably already started looking for a dress. But what to wear if the celebration will take place in the winter season?

What to consider when choosing a dress?

To make the outfit appropriate, when choosing it you should take into account several important points:

  • Wedding format. If only a painting and a light buffet are planned, then you should not wear a luxurious dress, prefer him a more formal and discreet outfit. And if you were invited to a magnificent celebration, then it is important not to lose face and look elegant.
  • Theme. Recently, themed weddings became relevant, so if you were invited to one of them, pick up an outfit that matches the concept of the celebration.
  • Features of your appearance. The dress should suit you, so when buying, consider such moments as build, height, some flaws, color type.

Choosing the right outfit

So, what to wear to the guests for the wedding in the winter? The choice of attire is not an easy task, especially if the celebration is planned for the cold season. There is a mass of different nuances, and all of them must be considered.The most important are discussed in detail below.


The best option for any woman is, of course, a dress. But how should it be? When buying, the following criteria are taken into account:

  1. Length. Coming to a wedding, especially a winter dress in an ultrashort dress, is stupid and pointless, because, firstly, such an image will be inappropriate and vulgar, and secondly, you can just freeze. A long dress in the floor is not very convenient, because it can get wet due to snow or prevent you from moving normally on slippery ice. So the best option - the length of the midi to the knee, just above it or below.
  2. The style should be elegant and hide the flaws of your figure. If you can afford a tight dress, then you should not choose too frank and sexy, because the bride should be in the center of attention. Looks great and fits almost all dresses-cases. To mark the waist and make the image more feminine will allow a model with a belt and a flared or full skirt. A girl who is in a position or is characterized by magnificent forms (especially in the abdomen) should pay attention to dresses free cut or with an overstated waist.
  3. The fabric must be dense enough to create a dragging effect and to hide the defects of the figure. In addition, the material should be comfortable to wear, pleasant to the touch and "breathable."
  4. Colour. The only taboo is the white color, which is the prerogative of the bride. The remaining shades are available, but in winter it is better to give preference to noble rich tones, such as dark blue, emerald, purple, chocolate, burgundy.
  5. The length of the sleeve. The best and most convenient option - sleeves ¾ that will not get dirty and interfere. But you can choose a model with short sleeves or even without them.

A dress is not the only option; it is quite possible to choose a feminine and elegant suit, including a trouser suit.

Tip: In order not to freeze in a sleeveless dress, put a bolero, jacket or an elegant cardigan on top of it.


Some part of the event will probably take place on the street, so you should pick up warm and appropriate outdoor clothing. The best option is a fur coat or sheepskin coat. But it is possible to choose an elegant coat.

Tip: choose a product with a hood, as the cap will ruin your hair.And this part should be sufficiently voluminous, otherwise the hair will still come.


Shoes are as much an integral part of the image as the dress. You can wear elegant heeled boots or ankle boots. But most of the time you will surely spend in the room, so it is better to take removable shoes with you - shoes. And remember that at the wedding can not do without contests and dances, so choose a comfortable model on steady heels or a wedge.

Underwear and pantyhose

It would seem that no one will see underwear, and pantyhose is a minor accessory. But this approach is fundamentally wrong, because sometimes it is just such components of the image that spoil the overall impression. And therefore it is worthwhile to approach their choice responsibly.

Underwear should be comfortable, hide the flaws of the figure and not stand out under the clothes. Therefore, choose the set of the appropriate style and size. In addition, the linen should match along, so if you choose a dress with an open back, then the bodice should not be seen.

With regard to tights, it is best to choose nylon thin, and not dense (the best option is 40-60 den).The color is determined by the chosen outfit: if the dress is dark, then the tights can be black, and if the dress is light, give preference to the skin color, namely the shade of a light tan (it visually slims the legs). Choose the right size so that the elastic does not crash into the body and does not create wrinkles.


Useful recommendations:

  • A discreet outfit can be added with accessories: an elegant clutch, a beautiful necklace or beads, a bracelet or a strap.
  • If you go to a celebration with a chosen one, then the guy also needs to look presentable. He can wear a suit or a more loose set - elegant pants with a shirt. In addition, his outfit should be combined with the girl's dress, so that the pair looks harmonious.
  • In order to avoid embarrassing situations, take spare tights with you in case your rips break, as well as a needle and thread to match the dress, so that if necessary you can tidy up your outfit.
  • You should not wear everyday things like jeans, jumpers, shorts, and so on.
  • Remember that your outfit should not be too open and vulgar.

Now feel free to go to the store and choose an outfit for a winter wedding.

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