What oil helps for stretch marks

Why stretch marks are formed

Stretch marks are formed as a result of stretching the skin. For example, during pregnancy or during heavy weight gain. Rapid weight loss can also turn into stretch marks - skin that has lost its elasticity does not have time to adapt to new body sizes, the collagen fibers of the dermis are destroyed, forming purple-red stripes that look not at all aesthetically pleasing. Not the last role in the formation of stretch plays genetics.
There are people whose skin type is more prone to the formation of stretch marks. Over time, stretch marks turn pale and look like silvery-white threads. Many people think that coping with them is easier than with violet ones. But it is not. Old stretch marks can only be removed surgically. And then after that can remain quite noticeable scars. Therefore, the fight against stretch marks should begin as soon as they began to appear.

How to apply essential oils

With the help of cosmetic procedures using essential oils, you can get rid of stretch marks at the initial stage at home. Essential oils, penetrating into the deeper layers of the skin, improve blood circulation, relieve puffiness, smooth the epidermis, increase muscle tone and remove small stretch marks, while large ones make it almost invisible.
Oils are added to baths, creams, scrubs. But it is especially good to add them to the mixture for massage and regularly rub into the places of accumulation of stretch marks. The course of treatment can take from two to six months, but the result is sure to be.

Action of oils

Carrot seed oil tones the skin, renews skin cells, restores thinned skin.
Geranium oil moisturizes the skin, making it more elastic.
Emu oil penetrates into the deepest layers, regenerates, smoothes the epidermis, removing not only scars, but also wrinkles.
Incense oil rejuvenates the skin, relieves puffiness and inflammation.
The immortelle oil very effectively regenerates skin cells, therefore it is necessarily used in the treatment of stretch marks and even post-stretch scars.
Jasmine oil improves skin elasticity, especially suitable for thinned sensitive skin, moisturizes, eliminates dryness.
Lavender oil softens and smoothes the epidermis, heals wounds and rejuvenates the skin.
Mandarin oil activates blood circulation, accelerates the outflow of fluid.
Neroli oil regenerates skin cells, helps with capillary ruptures, inflammatory processes, makes the skin smooth and uniform.
Patchouli oil is also a good regenerator, it promotes the rapid healing of deep scars, it is considered an excellent treatment for stretch marks.
Rose oil moisturizes, has anti-inflammatory effect, smoothes and rejuvenates the skin.
Rosemary oil relieves flabbiness, improves skin tone, stimulates cell renewal and helps prevent stretch marks.
Wheat germ oil has enhanced penetration, improves blood circulation, removes toxins and toxins, eliminates skin irregularities, and helps against old stretch marks.

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