What looks purulent tonsillitis

Purulent tonsillitis has a pronounced seasonal nature: the main peaks of the incidence, as a rule, fall on the cold season. According to statistics, young people of working age are most susceptible to this infection. Such factors as gas pollution of the working environment, dustiness, air temperature drops can increase the incidence of angina.

Symptoms of purulent tonsillitis

The incubation period from the time of infection and until the first symptoms of the disease appear lasts about 2 days. Purulent tonsillitis begins with the fact that the patient feels general weakness, aching in the joints, chills, sore throat when swallowing. Chills on average last from 15 to 60 minutes. Also, purulent tonsillitis is characterized by an increase in body temperature up to 38-40 ° C. There is the so-called "febrile fever." With proper treatment, elevated body temperature lasts no more than 5 days. The pain is dull, not localized. The first 2-3 days are saved.Sleep and the patient's appetite is disturbed. The main concern with purulent sore throat is in the throat, which gradually increases. On the second or third day, it is so strong that it becomes almost impossible to eat, drink and swallow saliva.
In rare cases, purulent tonsillitis begins with a specific inflammatory change in the tonsils, and the general signs of the disease appear a little later. In these cases, the patient first feels when swallowing. Weakness, fever and fever join a little later.

Causes of disease

In special depressions of the tonsils always contain microbes. With normal immunity, they do not bother and do not cause disease. There are a number of factors that trigger the start of an infectious process. Often this is a banal hypothermia of the body. For example, when a person was wet in the rain, wet his feet, drank cold water, etc.
When the infectious process is started, the pathogenic microflora penetrates the tonsils and causes inflammation - sore throat. It must be remembered that, despite the fact that the disease affects primarily the tonsils, they extend to the entire body.A person feels weakness, malaise, appears in the throat, body temperature rises. The tonsils swell up and turn red. Stripes and yellowish spots appear on their surface.

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