What kind of nice words you can contact your boyfriend?

In each couple's relationship, there are moments when feelings and emotions literally overwhelm, love and tenderness overwhelm the heart, which creates a burning desire to express it in words, for example, in a sweet nickname, which, quite possibly, will be assigned to your partner for many years relationship.

Of course, if you have been together for a long time and know each other well, then these words are born by themselves, they don’t have to be invented, fantasy and love decide for you.

Talk about your love

But, what to do if you can’t think up anything, and it’s scary to invent something that will hurt your man, because not every nickname can evoke truly warm and pleasant feelings.

To the best of their complexes and the development of fantasy, outwardly harsh and strong men also have their weaknesses and fears that they would not want to take out of their imagination.

Since one can be called affectionately guy or already an adult man, after all, this important moment of any relationship can both raise them to a higher level, and deprive them of several pluses of intimacy and tenderness at once.

It should be immediately understood, men love when they are called tenderly and anxiously, because they are the same people as women, a serious and strong appearance will not prevent the vulnerable and tender soul, which sits deep under the shell.

Naturally, everything has its time, place and meaning, for example, if you call your boyfriend every two words “most beloved” or, for example, “kitties”, then these words are unlikely to carry a sacred meaning for him, he would rather perceive them as a way of your communication, periodically and completely skipping them past their ears.

The same applies to the situation if, for example, he is currently talking to his friends or is having some important conversation with his work colleagues.

At such moments it is not always appropriate to get in with your “zaychynysh” or “my gingerbread”, because you can put your man in an awkward position, break his authority in front of people, which he may have been folding for years. It is better to discuss this fact in advance, let him explain to you what is acceptable for him in which company and what is not very good for him.

Remember that diminutive and petting words should be in place if, for example, he coped with some difficult work, fulfilled your request or simply, you felt a rush of tenderness and warmth to your loved one.

After all, such tides can not happen every 5 minutes, so you can get bored with your “very-most” words!

Do not be surprised, and it happens!

Have you ever wondered how the people in the past, a different nationality or religion caressly called their soul mate?

It turns out that the words of tenderness “beloved”, “cat” or “bunny” that are universally recognized for us will not always and not everywhere understand, or maybe even look at you, like very strange people. For example, if you communicate with a Frenchman, then you will be surprised to learn that they can call people “close” or “dear people” or “cabbage cabbage” if you translate it literally.

If we adapt to our language, then this means “dear”, which is quite typical for our lovers. But "my flea" or "ma puce" is not at all compatible with our understanding, and all the same French people perceive such a phrase as something very close and dear.

Love and be happy

What is interesting, but not only the French may seem strange, for example, if the Chinese tell you something like “Sinking fish and falling geese,” it would mean that he admires your beauty, because, according to ancient Chinese tenements, there was incredible beauty girl Xi Shi.

When she went out into the street, the fish in the pond were so enchanted by her beauty that they forgot about the need to swim, and drowned, and the geese forgot to flap their wings and fall to the ground.

If you love the Spaniard, he will be pleased to hear from you "my sugar cube", because in their country this is the way people and relatives are addressed. The British with their “honey”, in fact, are not far away, quite often applying this epithet in relation to their loved ones.

But if you go back a few centuries ago, to Ancient Russia, then you could hear “The Light of My Eyes”, this is how the girls addressed their elects and, by the way, it was absolutely not by chance.

For them, a man is a kind of arrow that points to the ascent of the path from the hellish torment, so a loving woman looks and sees in her man a light that helps her to live and love. Of course, you can try to apply such unusual and sometimes funny amenities for us, but what if you like it!

How to gently appeal to a guy who likes?

Of course, if you and your loved one have been around for quite some time, then finding the right words is much easier, but what to do if you are only at the beginning of a relationship, and you already want to express your emotions, but not offend them?

In this case, it is better to carefully resort to the list of common and “universal” words that suit every man or boy, regardless of appearance, character or situation.

For example, these are the words: dear, dear, dear, beloved or only. Such appeals will easily show your warm and reverent attitude towards a person, but in no case will they touch his pride.

Men need nice words

To add words of heightened trepidation and tenderness, you can add the pronoun “my” to them, which in this context will certainly show your affection and warm feelings for this person.

In this context, the phrases “my dear” or “my beloved” express your attitude of being close to this person, meaning that he is “yours,” “close,” or “dear” to you.

Sometimes the word “most” is added to the same words, which does not have much meaning, but enriches other words with them, adding an excellent degree to your sayings. For example, say “the kindest”, if you want to praise his kindness and soulfulness, or if you want to show that you appreciate his care, then the “most caring” will be quite appropriate.

What is the best name for a loved one?so that pleasant words accurately reflect your attitude towards him, show your feelings and emotions? There is nothing difficult in this, take a look at your young man, find his virtues, vivid character traits or some visual similarities and, depending on them, invent love nicknames.

For example, if your man is strong and big, and soft and caring in his heart, he will completely like “kitten”, “kisul”, “bunny”, “fish”, but “my strong man” will help you emphasize his virtues. "My tiger" or simply, "my clever."

In fact, the choice of affectionate words is not limited to anything, because “goat”, “elephant” or even “bald”, for individual pairs sound quivering and tender, it is important that this is something very yours and very dear. Include fantasy, watch your beloved and your words will come to you at the right moment.

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