What is the name of a girl and a boy in 2017 - beautiful and original names by patronymic, zodiac and church calendar

KND-001The future of the child largely depends on the given at the birth of the name and, having picked it up correctly, it is possible from the early childhood to adjust the crumbs for luck, success, prosperity and achievement of the set goals. That is why parents begin to plan what name to name the baby, long before his birth. For such responsible moms and dads, we have prepared a detailed memo with tips and examples of choosing suitable names for children according to popularity rating, church calendar and zodiac sign. From the material you can learn how to call a boy or a girl in 2017, and how to make the name and patronymic melodic and consonant.

How to name a girl in 2017 - beautiful, sonorous, spectacular and fashionable names for girls

In recent years, the popularity of simple names has fallen somewhat, and many parents, deciding how to name a girl born in 2017, try to choose an atypical option that will immediately single out her daughter among the girlfriends and attract attention to her.


Milena holds the first place among female names. That is, according to statistics, many girls are being named now. Anastasia, Kira and Sofia are a little behind, but Arina, on the contrary, is winning more and more sympathizers.

Valeria, Nika, Elizaveta, Alice, Miroslav, Ulyana and Polina have always enjoyed success. Melodious sonority of these names adds femininity and tenderness to the maiden nature, combines well with many patronymic names, is easily remembered and perfectly perceived by ear. In addition, all these names have several variants of a diminutive form, which is very convenient to call a daughter at home.

Among the more fashionable, exotic positions appear Agnia, Aurora, Bella, Inga, Faina, Martha and Olesya. Most often this is the name given to their daughters of the family, where one of the parents is a foreigner.

How to name the girl in 2017 according to the church calendar and the sign of the Zodiac - we choose a harmonious name for the daughter


The church calendar proposes to call the newborn babies by the names of various saints and great martyrs. Among the suitable options appear as simple and familiar names (for example, Olga, Elena, Maria, Irina, Nadezhda, etc.), and more exotic and ancient (Praskovya, Varvara, Anfisa, Xenia, Veronica, Euphrosyne).

Planning how to name the girl born in 2017, it is necessary to take into account the consonance of the name, patronymic and surname, as well as the region of residence. Too pretentious and rare names should be avoided, otherwise in the future they can play a cruel joke with a child and make it difficult for him to be in a kindergarten, school or university team.

Astrologers, when choosing a name for a girl, are advised to focus on the exact date of birth, the time of year and the sign under which the baby was born. This approach allows not only to choose a beautiful and rare name for the daughter, but also makes it possible to emphasize the positive aspects of the character, and the negative, on the contrary, to smooth out.

How to name a girl in 2017 - beautiful and consonant names for girls by patronymic


Thinking how to call a girl in 2017, it is not enough just to choose a beautiful name.It is also necessary to arrange it with the patronymic and listen carefully to the sound. If the composition is pronounced easily, is well perceived by the ear and quickly remembered, then everything is in order. When the same letters and syllables are layered on each other and spoil the sound, you need to completely revise the option or at least correct it a little. To do this, there are a few simple rules, knowing that it is very easy to avoid ugly combinations.

  1. For a long middle name, short names starting with vowels are more appropriate. They are harmoniously combined with each other and sound nice and clear (for example, Inna Mikhailovna, Olga Konstantinovna, etc.).
  2. Duplication of the first syllable of the name in the middle name is not the best option. In this case, the letters overlap each other and part of the name is “eaten up,” losing its melodic sound (Alla Alexandrovna, Anna Andreevna, etc.).
  3. Two or more repetitions of the letter “P” in the name and patronymic sound rude and too harsh for a woman. It is better to avoid such combinations.

These options will help you choose the right name for a girl born in 2017, perfectly combined with the patronymic and surname.

How to name a boy in 2017 - beautiful names for boys born in the year of the Fire Rooster

When thinking about how to name a boy in 2017, it is necessary to take into account the influence on the character of a child's patron of the year - the Fire Rooster. Children born under this sign show charisma, restlessness and stubbornness. With all the questions that arise in young heads, they go to their parents and are never satisfied with a short monosyllabic answer.


The role of the main authority in the life of such a child is the father. A son from an early age will want to copy his father's behavior and in the future this desire will not disappear. Knowing this, the head of the family will have to be very careful and not show irritability, anger and dissatisfaction with the child, otherwise all these negative qualities will certainly manifest in the character of the baby and in the future will give parents a lot of unpleasant moments.

The basic rules for choosing a beautiful and memorable name for a boy boil down to the following positions:

  • Consonance- the full name together with the patronymic and surname should be well perceived by ear and quickly remembered. You should not choose too long, difficult to pronounce names or compose unusual foreign with classical Slavic names.
  • Modernity- It is better not to reward the child with an uncommonly old name. In the future, when the baby goes to kindergarten or school, this may be the subject of mockery and ridicule, and to consciously make a “white raven” out of his offspring makes no sense.
  • Meaning of the name- This is also a very important point. When naming a child, parents automatically pass on certain qualities associated with the name. Here you need to think carefully and clearly decide exactly what features you want to add, strengthen, or, conversely, dim.

Examples of the most popular and current names for boys born in 2017

  • Alexander- from ancient Greek it means “Defender”. Calling the baby by this name, you can enhance such qualities as courage, courage, a tendency to vazimyrupuschke, intelligence, intuition and honesty. In addition to the coma, the name has several diminutive options (Sasha, Shura, Alex, etc.), which are very convenient to use at home, in the family circle or in friendly companies.
  • Maksim- in Latin means "great." The boys named by this name grow diversified and always strive to learn something new.They enjoy reading, studying science, trying themselves in sports and are incredibly active in social work. Maxims are extremely friendly and at any moment are ready to come to the aid of everyone who needs it. At home, the child can be called Max, Maksyuta or even Masya.
  • Timofey- in Greek sounds like "worshiper of God." Such a name will suit a balanced child with a fine mental organization. A kind, understanding man, capable of finding an approach to practically any person, will grow out of little Timothy. He will gladly perform an important mission and will always help in trouble. Over time, will show a craving for exact sciences and will please parents with successes in this field. For a home, you can shorten the name to Timosha, Tim, Tim.
  • Michael- in translation from the Old Jewish language means "Equal to God." The ideal name for a creatively developed, attentive and intelligent boy who has been craving for beauty since childhood. In the future, such a child will be drawn to art and quite likely will make a successful career as a singer, musician, artist or artist.
  • Artem- from the Greek language is translated as "Invincible."Such children from an early age are reasonable, attentive and responsible, they read a lot and learn about the world with curiosity. They are sociable, friendly, open and quickly become the soul of the company. They are loved for appeasable disposition and perseverance in achieving their goals.

How to name a boy born in 2017 according to the church calendar - tips on choosing a name


Often parents, picking up the name of their offspring, cannot come to a consensus and have a long argument with each other, deciding what to call their newborn son. In such a situation, a church calendar can come to the rescue, where variants of suitable names are assigned to specific days. It is enough just to see what date the birth of the child took, and then study the church calendar and decide on the name. But, going this way, it should be remembered that many of the names given in the calendar, belong to the holy martyrs and can bring to life the child not only cloudless happiness and God's grace, but also serious tests. Therefore, choosing a suitable beautiful name for a boy born in 2017, it will not be superfluous to study the life path of the saint to whom it once belonged, and only then proceed to the registration of a birth certificate.

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