What is the dream in which you eat a cake

For those who want to know what the dream of eating a cake is or just admiring it, experienced interpreters prepared their descriptions. Treatments of dreams originate from ancient times, and the sweet dough with cream has always had a special sign.

Autumn dream

To see the cake in a dream - you will find great fun, meeting with friends, finding new acquaintances.

Spring dream book

A dream in which you see a cake means that guests will come to you, and you will treat them to various dishes, to show hospitality.

Summer dream

Cake in a dream symbolizes the improvement of welfare, a change in personal life, in business for the better.

Female dream book

A dream in which a woman saw a cake means trouble. Most likely, her chosen one does not meet expectations, and family life will be hard. Bake a cake - you often get depressed, too demanding of others and your life.

Ukrainian dream book

To dream a cake - be careful with a woman, eat - you will entertain guests.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century

Cake dreams to pleasant cares, celebratory efforts. Buying a cake in the store - wait for a surprise gift. They give you a cake - wait for the good news, surprises. Baking a cake - you will be offered a case that is better to refuse, most likely, this is an adventure. There is a cake in a dream - your love will be mutual, you can also make a profit. For a young girl who is about to get married, a wedding cake dreams to discord with her lover, the cancellation of the celebration.

Love Dream

To dream a cake - do not doubt your lover. He truly loves you and will remain faithful to the end. Together with him you will live a long, happy family life, prosperity and harmony. If your friend said that she had eaten a cake in her dream - rejoice, soon she will have a lot of reasons for a good mood.

Dream Yuri Longo

Eating a cake in a dream - you pay too much attention to your appearance, whereas you should do spiritual self-education. Attention should be paid to more important things. Because of your lightheadedness, you may find yourself in a difficult situation; you will not be understood by relatives and friends, colleagues. Be engaged in the preparation and baking of the cake - get ready for serious work.If you do everything as expected, complete the task as �excellent�, then your future will be secured and promising.

People's Dream Book

To dream big and beautiful cake - you are waiting for a big success, recognition. Looking at the cake and there is no feeling of hunger - your achievements will be the result of hard and diligent work. Burning candles on the cake mean the fulfillment of a cherished desire. Get a cake in a dream - expect positive impressions of the successful completion of cases. To eat - perhaps you should pay attention to howling weight, limit the consumption of high-calorie meals. Give a cake to a man of the opposite sex - dissatisfaction in sex.

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