What is the cache for the game?

Natalya Galushko
Natalya Galushko
February 19, 2013
What is the cache for the game?

Those who have never tried to install the game on Android, for sure, have difficulty in this "difficult" case, because they do not know what a cache for the game is and what to do with this cache. But installing games is no easy task. The main thing is to be savvy in terms of information. This is what this article offers you.

The cache for the game is graphics, sound and video files that provide quick launch and stable operation of the application (game). Due to the fact that each phone model has an individual set of parameters of video accelerators, screen and processor, the cache for the game is different. And it depends on the combination of these parameters. When installing games, you should select a set of installation files specifically for your tablet PC, smartphone, or phone model.

What is the cache for the game, figured out. And what to do with it? As you know, the internal memory in the phones themselves is not so much. Whereas games with high-quality graphics, sometimes weigh 4 GB, and even up to 6 GB of cache comes.Therefore, to install the game, a file with the .apk extension is launched, and the cache is usually placed on the memory card.

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