What is tartar?

Julia Agafonova
Julia Agafonova
December 19, 2014
What is tartar?

What is "Tartar" know the admirers of the myths of ancient Greece and accurately tell you how ancient this word is or is it all just ancient tales.

Tartar in ancient Greek

In ancient Greek mythology, a lot of things unknown and mysterious. So the abyss from the kingdom of Hades (God of the Kingdom of the Dead) has an unusual name - namely “Tartar”. As mythology narrates, the abyss is located deep from the surface of the earth, and is surrounded by its three-layer darkness of the god Erebos and the copper walls of the god Poseidon.

On the basis of the ancient Greek myths in the Middle Ages, abandoned and remote areas were called tartar, in Nostradamus tartar was called black spots.

More information about mythology can tell the article What is mythology.

Culinary Tartar

In modern culinary, many dishes have all sorts of ancient or historical names. Salad "Caesar" is worth something. But from mythology came the word "tartar" and became the name for the French cold sauce, perfectly complementing all sorts of fish or seafood, as well as other cold meat dishes.The name Tartar is also assigned to a variety of meat and fish dishes of this exquisite cuisine.

Tartar sauce has a pretty piquant taste, varied due to its composition.

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